Cryptojacking; Essential Things to Know!

We belong to the digital world, where the majority of the population prefers online transactions. Such a condition also developed cryptocurrencies. This digital currency came into being as the result of an experiment back in 2009 known as Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency that is effortlessly tradable via Bitcoin Era. Cryptocurrencies were established to centralize the financial system but could not accomplish this objective. Instead, it produced an online financial system that resulted in validity and transparency of transactions and secured them from double-spending. This groundbreaking technology is constantly emerging and obtaining worldwide recognition and acceptance.

Cryptocurrencies often face cyber-attacks, and most of them are related to the theft of the private keys of crypto holders. If someone gets these keys, your crypto wallet is not safe anymore; and he has the access to make the account blank. This is the most common cyber scam, but it’s not the end. In 2017, the latest crypto-fraud that appeared on the surface; is known as Cryptojacking. 

It is a form of cybercrime in which unauthorized parties can get access to your electronic devices, such as Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc., to mine cryptocurrencies through them. Similar to other cyber-attacks, the objective is to make a profit, but contrary to other frauds, it is designed to conceal identity from the victim.

What Is Cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is fraudulent crypto mining in which cybercriminals hack into your personal and professional devices (PCs, Laptops, and Cell Phones) for the installation of different software. Using this software, hackers get access to the power and resources of your devices and use them for mining cryptocurrencies or draining the wallets of innocent people. They can conveniently deploy the code, which operates in the background and is not easily traceable. Only a few lines of code are sufficient for the hackers to hijack the resources of any computer and make the device slower, enhance the usage of the processor, overheating the devices, and additional energy consumption.

Hackers utilize these resources in two ways. Firstly, they steal digital currencies from crypto wallets, and secondly, they use hacked devices for mining valuable cryptocurrencies. The primary purpose of Cryptojacking is to hijack the professional & personal devices and resources of an unsuspecting victim to do crypto mining for the hackers. 

Cybercriminals draw off these digital currencies or transfer them to their digital wallets utilizing these hacked devices. These hacked computers sacrifice by making the CPU slower and utilizing more power for running, which results in higher electricity bills. Gradually, Cryptojacking is becoming a severe global issue and attracting attention.

How Does It Work?

Hackers normally use two methods to step into the targeted system. The first is that consumers have to deceive the secretly embedded mining codes on their respective systems by phreaking or spoofing. In the second modus, drive-by, hackers make victims visit affected websites from their browsers to enter into their system. As a result, an infected ad appears on the screen.

This process makes automatic execution of a script and loads crypto mining code on the affected person’s device. In such a case, mining code is not safe in the mails or targeted devices. Malwarebytes, a security firm, reveals that this type of pop-up exists behind the taskbars and remains hidden from users. Because the purpose behind Cryptojacking is money-making, cybercriminals often utilize both these approaches to maximize their probability of slyly stepping into the targeted devices.

What Are the Red Flags of Cryptojacking?

  • You will notice an excessive usage of your CPU & GPU because someone else is also using your system.
  • Your device slows down, and its performance automatically decreases.
  • Computer systems start overheating, and cooling fans frequently run, which increases noise.
  • If you are using a laptop or mobile phone, battery life declines dramatically.
  • Your electricity bill rapidly increases.

Tips To Prevent Crypto Jacking

  • Regularly check the usage of your CPU and GPU.
  • Do not visit suspicious websites.
  • Install scanners into your system and scan for malware.
  • Make your IT team efficient enough to detect Cryptojacking from devices.
  • Teach your employees not to visit any website whose link is given in the unknown emails.
  • You can also use ad-blockers to stop pop-ups on the screen.
  • Disabling JavaScript is also an effective option to block crypto mining code.

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