What Are the Activities During the Festival?

What are the activities during the festival? As a parent, you may be wondering what your kids will enjoy. Many activities are provided for kids to enjoy, such as face painting booths, skee ball, and Foosball games. You might also want to check out the Dance parties on the Ralph Rinzler Stage! Below, you’ll find a list of activities for children of all ages to learn more about. The festival is also free to attend.

Children Activities

At the EPCOT International Arts Festival, children can participate in various activities designed to stimulate their creativity and imagination. The festival offers a wide variety of activities for both children and adults. In the Circus Science tent, children can learn about and participate in various circus activities, including making juggling balls, balancing acts, and circus-themed props. Participants will be awarded for their creativity in the form of awards such as Best Theme and Most Creative. Children will also receive two FREE passes to the festival.

Pony rides are another great way to entertain kids. They can pretend to be cowboys and cowgirls by riding on a pony. They can also race pigs in a yo-yo competition. Kids can even buy a jersey for themselves and cheer on their favorite team! Discover more here during the festival, kids can also pet animals and enjoy other activities. Parents should spend some time walking through the festival grounds with their children before leaving them with the children.

Face Painting Booths

Face painting booths are great for festivals because they attract crowds that aren’t necessarily geared towards adults. Families with kids are also drawn to the fun and convenience of having their faces painted by a professional. Not only can kids get their faces painted, but they can also receive temporary or henna tattoos. In addition to face painting, festival-goers can purchase henna tattoos and designs from professional artists.

Many face-painting companies require a minimum number of hours per painter to cover operating expenses. This is because these companies must pack and transport their paints to different locations. Some face-painting companies require a two-hour minimum for their entertainers. They charge more if the event is farther away. Whether or not your event is within their travel distance, confirming the rate before booking is essential.

Foosball and Skeeball Booths

When you want to involve the crowds during your festival, consider renting a skeeball or foosball machine. These arcade games are fun for all ages and are a great addition to any event. A skeeball or foosball rental is perfect for corporate events, bar mitzvahs, and school carnivals. Skeeball rentals are also popular at sports pub nights and trade shows. The electronic scoring system used in traditional arcade games is the same as that found in the original alley.

Dance Parties

The evening events continue after the daily sessions on the Ralph Rinzler Stage and Big Top end. All events are free and open to the public. In inclement weather, select events may be moved inside the Arts and Industries Building. During the festival, participants will also have the opportunity to attend a dance party on the Ralph Rinzler Stage. A dance party on the Ralph Rinzler Stage is a highlight for most people during the festival.

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival kicked off on the National Mall on the first day with a circus-themed tribute to the late folk singer. Activities include circus puppet making, storytimes with the UniverSoul Circus Clowns, and a dance party for Pete Seeger, who died in 1994. Other entertainment will include performances by the BeauSoleil Quartet and Los Texmaniacs.

Floating Boats of Light

Floating boats of light during the festival is a popular tradition in Laos. This festival marks the end of the Buddhist Lent when Buddhist monks retreat to meditate and study the Dhamma. This festival also marks the end of the wet season in Laos. It has been around for over a hundred years and has become a highly-anticipated event. Floating boats of light in the river symbolize the release of anger and immoral thoughts.

Floating Wish Lanterns

Floating wish lanterns are an annual tradition at Lake Junaluska during the multi-day Independence Day Celebration. Each year, staff will launch floating lanterns with the names of those on them. Floating lanterns have become a symbol of prosperity and good luck. The lanterns are also a memorial or honor. Unfortunately, many communities ban sky lanterns for safety and environmental concerns. If you’re interested in launching lanterns at your festival, you may want to purchase a safe, environmentally friendly version.

In the past, rice paper lanterns were used by everyone from peasants to royalty. These lanterns were used to express gratitude to the gods, cast away fears, and declare wishes for a prosperous future. Today, sky lanterns are sent into the sky with written wishes. Wishes could include anything from a good harvest to a happy marriage to relief from life’s worries. Green lanterns carry the hopes of personal growth and prosperity, while purple lanterns are lit with the dreams of wealth and opportunity.

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