How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ring

Every woman would start thinking about how to protect her precious diamond ring the moment she puts it on her finger the very first time. Here are the top tips. 

Clean the Ring

Cleaning your diamond ring regularly is not the only thing that is important, but cleaning your ring in the right manner. Dirt and oil can build up on the ring quite easily, and it is just no point having a ring on your finger that is expensive but dirty. If you want your diamonds to shine the way it should, you should keep it clean. 

Unlike many things, cleaning a diamond or diamond ring involves a very simple process. Some warm water and mild soap are all you need. You can soak the ring in water for a few hours or overnight. Do this regularly and your diamond should shine beautifully, every day. 

Don’t Take its Strength for Granted

When you know that diamonds are the most durable of types, you unknowingly take it for granted. This means you tend to care less, a little too less, perhaps. You might notice how a lot of women sometimes do not seem to care about how their ring gets tossed around, or how much their rings are exposed to vigorous activity or harsh environments. This is one of the mistakes many make, but shouldn’t be. Instead, treat your diamond ring like it is not just precious but fragile and easily breakable. 

Know When to and When Not to Have it On

It is important to be aware of your activities, be it daily or occasional, as well as circumstances, and know when to take off your diamond ring. If you plan to go for a swim in the beach, or do some gardening for instance, always make sure you take your ring off and store it somewhere safe, until you can put it on once you have finished with your business. 

Think Twice Before You Upgrade

Women fancy getting their engagement ring upgraded to celebrate marriage/relationship milestones. However, one advice from experts is to make sure your upgrade makes sense. This means that, for instance, if you want to upgrade to an argyle pink diamond ring, or for a larger stone, make sure it has a higher carat weight, too, that is also significantly noticeable. 

The weight is what adds value to your ring, and not always the size. Additionally, of you are opting for a different colour or clarity, again, make sure it is significantly noticeable, if it isn’t, it truly might not be worth the money and time. 

Take Care when You Resize

Ideally, you would not want to have your diamond ring resized. Seasons and climates can cause you ring to change in size a tad bit, (it might feel tighter most of the time). In such cases, it would be a good idea if you can wait for the season to pass and hopefully your ring will fit in your finger again. If it is tight to wear during pregnancy for instance, you’d rather let it sit safely in a box until you, hopefully, have lost your pregnancy weight, than having it resized. The only good enough reason why you’d want to have it resized is when the ring is loose, and you want to get it to a size smaller.

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