Waves of Stinging Jellyfish at Spanish Beaches

One thing is for certain, whenever you are in the vicinity of the beautiful beaches in the Canary Islands you will most likely come across at least a few waves of stinging jellyfish. This is one of the most common jellyfish that you will come across and it can prove rather annoying at times. It is a very common nuisance and often seen by holiday goers as it makes its way towards the beach. Here are some of the best tips that will help you deal with this jellyfish:

Do not swim in the water when there is a jellyfish on the beach, especially if it has been there for a while. This jellyfish likes to feed off of swimmers and they can usually get onto your clothing and sting you. If you are swimming normally, you might notice the jellyfish have already made it to your swimwear or on your clothing. You can try to rub your skin with a towel to keep it from sticking to your clothes but try not to rub too hard. The jellyfish will not leave you alone if you are trying to rub too hard.

Spanish Beaches

There are several different ways that you can fight against the stinging jellyfish. One way is to try to stay calm so as to make other people who come by or are around less likely to get stung. When you get stung keep your hands above the water. The waves of stinging jellyfish at Spanish beaches will usually get onto the surface and you will get hit by one of the little tentacles.

If you have been stung already, rinse off the jellyfish from yourself with water and soap. This jellyfish is known to sting more than once on the same spot. Rinse off any parts of the jellyfish that may be sticking to you with warm water. If the tentacles get stuck in the water with you, take them out with a pair of tweezers. Do not get stuck yourself. The tentacles are strong enough to cause injury even with your next arm in a jute thread tied around your waist.

Jellyfish Tissue

Try to rub the area affected with the jellyfish with a tissue to try and kill it off. Many people use vinegar to try and remove them as well. Do not try this at home unless you know the proper method for removing stings from jellyfish.

If stinging jellyfish keeps appearing on your vacation destination, do not be discouraged. They are quite common and most likely there is an explanation for why they are showing up. It is always wise to check with the local officials or the tourism agency when stinging jellyfish has become a regular problem. They should be able to help you prevent problems from occurring all together.

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