Things To Consider Before Buying A Sleeper Sofa

Imagine sitting on your sleeper sofa and having a comfy feel! 

As true as their name, sleeper sofas are built-in beds with seating comfort.

A sofa bed (sleeper sofa) is the most useful and functional furniture choice for the home. With limited space, it offers a lot of comfort while sitting or sleeping. 

So are you one of those considering buying a comfortable sofa bed? If so, then we have got your back! Here is what you must know before visiting furniture stores for purchase. 

5 Essential Tips For Purchasing A Sleeper Sofa 

1. Space

Usually, a sleeper sofa is a multifunctional piece that is great to buy for a home. It is the right choice only when you buy the perfect size sofa for your room or area. While visiting a store of the house furniture in NZ or in your locality, ensure to check if the sleeper sofa fits into the space while fully open.

For a small space

If you have a small living space, consider a twin-size sleeper sofa. The size should be less than 5 feet in width. Also, it’s a good choice for one person to sleep. The twin size sleeper sofa’s mattress could be up to 39 inches wide.

On the flip side, if it’s an opened-up sofa bed, the length would be approx 85 inches in length and 54 inches in width. Moreover, these types of sleepers are called half beds, chair beds, or chairs.

For a large space  

If there is less space in your home, then it’s not an issue. You can opt for a queen-size sleeper sofa. It will be easy to find a queen-sized sleeper bed of various fabrics and styles as per the requirements. There are a variety of ranges available in this size.

Approx three people can sit on a queen-size sleeper sofa. It can be used as a comfortable bed for approx two people. Furthermore, the entire sofa, right from one arm to another arm, can easily measure about 84-inch width. If you open it while sleeping, it can be up to 90 inches long.

2. Size Of Sofa 

The sofa bed comes in various sizes, from sectionals to ottoman pull-outs. If you buy a full-size couch bed Lazboy, it can be used daily, even at night. It’s better for everyday use and can be used by one or two adults. But, still, we suggest for a comfortable sleep only 1 person should use it. 

While sitting, a full-size couch bed is somewhere between a loveseat and a sofa. So, it’s a good choice for smaller apartments or spaces.

Note: The depth of sleeper sofas varies from one to another and depends on the back cushion’s design. The measurement of the mattress should be 72 inches to 80 inches long (from head to toe).

3. Check The Type Of Sleeper Sofa 

When you purchase a sofa from furniture stores, the functionality is important. So, make up your mind and decide if it is primarily used for seating or as a bed. If you use it as a bed, consider buying a high-quality mattress and bamboo bed sheets for better comfort..

Do you know that sofa sleeper mattresses come in various sizes? Check out some popular types of mattresses.

Traditional memory foam

It’s an ideal solution for pressure point relief and provides a warmer sleep.

Polyurethane foam

This is a popular, affordable, and high-density mattress. Works by eliminating the mechanism.

Gel memory foam

It is a cushiony mattress but provides a firm feel. Also, it offers a cooler sleep on an everyday basis.


The latex is firm and hard, also made up of eco-friendly materials.


It’s a traditional as well as standard coil mattress with padding.

Air over coil

This is also known as a hybrid mattress or air mattress. Well, on the top, the inflatable air bladder will provide you with customized and comfortable sleep. However, the air over coil requires further maintenance (including an air pump).

You can select any one of them as per the size of your sleeper sofa. Furthermore, make sure you consider requirements such as using it for everyday purposes or one day in a month.

4. Price

When you visit a furniture store to purchase new furniture, their cost differs. Similarly, a sleeper sofa also comes in various sizes and prices.

It depends on:

  • How it is made?
  • The size of the furniture
  • Materials used
  • Type of sleeper sofa, etc.  

Maybe it will cost you approx $600 and up to $5,000. Further, the price will depend on size. For example, a sectional sleeper or queen-size sleeper sofa might have a high-end cost. Also, the power option and other technological advancements will increase the overall cost.

Note: If you have decided to purchase a lazboy sofa or a couch, then wait for a sale. As you know, brands provide discounts and offers on special occasions. Such as, memorial day, labor day, presidents day, etc.  

5. Manufacturer

When you are purchasing furniture, decide whether you will buy online or from a store.

Buy online

You can’t check the furniture in front of your eyes if you purchase it online. That is why you need to spend so much time researching.

Start with checking customer reviews, important information about the item, and its durability assurance. Also, you can compare the prices on different shopping platforms or websites.

Buying from store

Many people still consider visiting furniture stores and purchasing the item. Well, here you can ask your queries from the salesperson. Moreover, you get a chance to sit on the sofa, check its comfort level, verify its quality, and how they are made.

Final Words 

All set to add a new comfortable sofa to your home? We hope our guide has helped you to get in the right direction.

We would also suggest visiting at least 5 to 10 furniture stores in your area. This will provide you with various options, and you can compare the cost easily. In the end, grab the most suitable deal in your budget. 

Hopefully, you have liked this article and found it useful.  

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