The Feminine Face of Nigerian Rap Star Khaid

Nigerian rapper Khaid is one of the most popular Afrobeats artists on the continent. His unique face has captured the attention of many music fans. While he has a masculine voice, it has been said that he has a feminine face. Khaid is a Nigerian, who hails from Shibiri.

Khaid is a Nigerian singer

Khaid is a Nigerian singer and rapper from Ojo, Lagos. He is signed to Neville Records, a record label owned by influential Nigerian rapper Sydney Talker. His debut single, “With You”, became an instant hit on YouTube. The song has received over six hundred thousand views since its release.

Khaid was born in Nigeria and raised in Lagos City. He is of Christian faith and grew up as the seventh of 10 siblings. As a teenager, he discovered his love for music. In high school, he began to write original songs for his classmates. He also wrote freestyle rap songs.

Khaid was discovered by Sydney Talker after listening to his music in a movie. The two developed a relationship and he was signed to the label. The two also floated a music label, Neville Records. The label chose Khaid as their first artist. The next year, Khaid released his official debut single, “With You.” The song was produced by Ozedikus and Z3Na, and mixed and mastered by SWAZ.

Khaid’s musical talent drew the attention of the media and fans alike. He is currently 24 years old and lives in a large home in Lagos. Sydney Talker was impressed by the unique blend of Trap and Afrobeats sounds Khaid was creating.

He is an Afrobeats artist

Khaid is a fast-rising Nigerian Afrobeats artist. His first single, “With You”, was released earlier this year. It is produced by Ozedikus and Z3NA, and mastered by STG. Khaid’s style fuses the sounds of afrobeats and trap.

Khaid discovered his talent as a teenager and started to record freestyle videos. In addition, he represented his high school in talent shows and competitions. He also posted raps and freestyle songs on social media. He was inspired by artists such as D.banj, Wizkid, Davido, and other popular Afrobeats musicians.

His latest EP, Diversity, showcases his versatility as an artist. It seamlessly transitions between genres. The EP opens with “WITH YOU,” a song with influences from hip-hop and emo. “AKPAKO” shows that Khaid is a mature artist, and “FIRE” shows his willingness to experiment with soundscapes outside of the Afrobeats genre.

Khaid is a talented rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the latest names in the Afrobeats music scene. His music is a mix of Afrobeats and Trap sounds. His debut single, With You, was released on January 2022. Following his success, he soon signed a record deal with Neville Records, which is owned by Sydney Talker.

He is a rapper

Khaid is a Nigerian rapper who is from the town of Ojo. He was born into a family of ten and has seven siblings. He was discovered by Sydney Talker, who went on to sign him to his record label. In January 2022, he released his debut single, “With You.” The song was one of the hottest songs in the country, with over 1.4 million views on YouTube and more than 2.9 million streams on Spotify.

As a teenager, Khaid attended a prestigious university in the South-Western part of Nigeria. During high school, he developed an interest in music and began writing original songs. He also entertained classmates by performing freestyle rap songs during his lunch break. He was soon making a name for himself as a hip hop artist.

Currently 17, Khaid is based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is part of the new wave of Afropop superstars. The talented artist has mastered his craft over the past three years. He has signed to the same label as Sydney Talker, which has launched the careers of many artists in Nigeria.

Despite his young age, Khalid has managed to become one of the biggest new artists in 2022. His fan base is known as his “Sleetgang”. Khaid’s debut single, “Face”, was produced by popular producers Z3na and “Ozedikus”, and mixed by STG and Dj Swaz. However, the rapper has not won any awards yet and has not made much money from his music.

He has a feminine face

The face of Khaid has been described as feminine by many people. The reason for this can be traced to genetics. Women prefer men with facial features that resemble women. For example, men with a broad forehead and a small chin are considered more feminine than those with narrow faces.

He has a hit song

The hit song “With You” by Nigerian singer Khaid has become one of the most played songs of 2022. The song was produced by Nigerian record producer Prodby106 and released on 28 January 2022. “With You” peaked at number 8 on TheCable’s Top 10 TCL radio picks of the week and has received over one million views on Boomplay.

Khalid’s music career has continued to grow. His second album, Free Spirit, was released in April 2019. The album reached double platinum status. His third studio album is titled Everything Is Changing, but the release date has yet to be set. In addition, the rapper has recorded two extended plays and a mixed tape titled Scenic Drive.

Though Khalid doesn’t yet have an album available on digital stores, his songs have already achieved massive success. One of his songs, “Reasons,” samples the late Tupac Shakur. The song has become a global hit, and it has received multi-Platinum certifications in Australia, Poland, Portugal, and Denmark.

While still a teenager, Khalid’s debut single, “Location,” reached the top 20 of US R&B charts just two months after its release. He quickly landed a major label deal. The song was so successful that Kylie Jenner even played it on Snapchat on her graduation day.

He is signed to a record label

After a short time of gaining fame, Nigerian rap star Khaid has signed to a record label, Neville Records. This label is owned by popular Nigerian music influencer Sydney Talker. Khaid is a talented young singer who has found success with popular songs like With You and Shleet Gang. He is also known for his unique blend of Trap and Afrobeats sounds.

Sydney Talker, the head of Neville Records, has unveiled the first official artist under the new label. She announced the signing of Khaid through an Instagram post. She also revealed that it was her dream to own a record label one day. The label is a home for emerging artists and she wants Khaid to be one of them.

Khaid has been gaining momentum for his talent by dropping freestyle videos on social media. Since then, he has also begun to write songs. His first official song, “With You,” became a viral hit after being featured on TikTok. The music video was released several weeks later. The young artist from Ojo, Lagos, is ready for the world stage.

A multi-platinum selling global star, Khalid was named one of Time’s Most Influential People of 2019. His first single, “Location,” was certified diamond. After being signed to a record label, Khalid released his debut album, American Teen. The Associated Press called it “superb.”

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