How to Monitor Online Conversations to Gain Insights Into Your Customers

There are many ways to monitor online conversations to gain insights into your customers and learn how they feel about your brand. By monitoring conversations online, you can find out if your products are getting good reviews or whether people are more likely to purchase from your competitors. For this, you can hire freelancers to speak with customers or clients. People often open up when they talk to their peers about their experiences with beauty products. Monitoring these conversations can help you understand your customer’s loyalty and decide how to best market to them.

Cosmoprof North America

The 19th edition of Cosmoprof North America, the largest B2B beauty exhibition in the Americas, will take place July 12-14, 2022, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Designed for industry professionals and retailers, Cosmoprof North America brings together all segments of the beauty industry under one roof. From contract and private label manufacturing to primary and secondary packaging, applicators, and raw materials and equipment, Cosmoprof is an ideal forum for new product launches, trend-directional solutions, and innovative packaging.


Founded in Fengxian, Shanghai, the Oriental Beauty Valley, CloudBeauty is a B2B beauty company that has developed an ECOSYSTEM for the beauty and health industry. Focused on innovation, the company carefully selects its members in branding, R&D, production, design, marketing, and sales channels. This approach enables them to create more profitable relationships between members and increase the number of repeat customers.


A dedicated B2B beauty market, BeauteTrade helps SMEs reach millions of global buyers. With its resources dedicated to beauty, it is the best place to find authentic Korean cosmetic wholesalers. It also has the largest product database of all renowned manufacturers. Its comprehensive search capabilities allow businesses to identify the exact products they’re looking for. Here, you’ll find everything you need to build your own cosmetic brand:

Salons Direct

In 1992, Gareth and Valerie Roberts founded Salons Direct. The company started as a husband and wife mail order operation, but had no warehouse – stocks were kept in their house. In 2009, they launched their first e-commerce website and have grown rapidly since then, becoming the UK’s largest online Jane Iredale supplier of beauty products. Today, their 72,000 square foot warehouse can accommodate over 200,000 products a month.

Discover Beauty

Discover beauty is a new B2B program that will bring innovative and start-up beauty brands to specialty retailers at Cosmoprof North America. The program will be held in a lounge open to all show attendees, allowing brands to meet with retailers and establish key business relationships. It will also feature several special areas, including DISCOVER GREEN and GLAMOUR ME. Below is a look at some of the features that will make the program unique and beneficial for beauty retailers and manufacturers.

Discover Green

The newest addition to Cosmoprof North America is the Discover Green B2B beauty special area, devoted to environmentally conscious, clean, organic, and natural beauty products. The special area has been designed to replicate the exclusivity of the other show special areas, such as Discover Beauty, Scent, and Tones of Beauty. It is a space for emerging bio-brands and natural and organic beauty brands, and it will showcase the newest innovations in this fast-growing industry.

Discover Black-Owned Beauty

If you’re looking for products that cater to the needs of diverse skin tones, then you should discover Black-owned beauty brands. The beauty industry is largely white-dominated and doesn’t offer enough diversity. Many black-owned brands have adapted to these limitations by launching products that are better suited for darker skin and curly hair. You can also shop for travel-friendly products from these brands. The Beauty International Group has developed an extensive online community that will help you discover Black-owned beauty brands.

Clever Beauty Nail Polish Review

The founder of Clever Beauty, Maeva Bentitallah, was frustrated with the waste of nail polish because of brushes. She decided to create a new company that would solve this problem. Her products use natural ingredients and never test on animals. They create environmentally-friendly, anti-waste formulas and maintain quality at every step of the production process. These are some of the key reasons why consumers should choose Clever Beauty products. Read on to learn more about Clever Beauty products.

The French company produces a line of cosmetics that combines natural ingredients with innovative packaging. Their first product is a 100% natural nail polish that is endocrine disruptor-free and suitable for children and pregnant women. The company even provides nail polish with an anti-waste cap to avoid wastage and save you money. All products are cruelty-free and made with recycled materials. To ensure the highest quality, they are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Clever Beauty nail polishes contain no endocrine disrupting ingredients and contain only biosourced solvents. Their unique zero-waste cap makes it possible for 35% of the nail polish to be recovered. As a bonus, the nail polish brush will go straight to the bottom of the bottle. There’s no need for a disposal bin in beauty salons – they breathe in 3,000 molecules each day! And they’re free from harmful phthalates and parabens.

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