Four Most Common Rental Property Repairs


As a landlord, you have to do a lot of things. Taking care of your property well means keeping up with repairs, buying suitable safety measures, and ensuring tenants follow the rules. But sometimes, despite your continuous efforts, urgent and unexpected issues arise.

It’s essential to stay informed and ready to protect your rental property and lower the chance of having to pay for expensive repairs.

Here are 4 of the most common problems that landlords have with their rental properties, with some tips & tricks on how to avoid or solve them:

Water Gets Out

It shouldn’t be a shock that water leaks are one of the most common problems landlords have to deal with. After all, a water leak can happen in many different places and be caused by many other things, like roof damage, a broken appliance, or a resident who forgot to turn off a faucet.

  To find leaks you were unaware of, replace any outdated weather stripping around windows and doors. It will gradually help you avoid problems that come up out of the blue. Also, think about putting in-water sensors that can help find leaks early and stop them from doing too much damage.

When a leak happens, try to figure out what caused it, turn off the water (if you can), and call the right person. For example, if the problem is a leak in the ceiling, you might need to call a roofer to look at it and fix it.

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Heaters for water

If the water heater in your rental property doesn’t work, you can be sure you’ll hear about it quickly. No one likes to take a shower that is too cold.

Replacing the whole system can be a significant expense. Still, it’s also possible that a simple fix, likewise relighting the pilot light or replacing a heating element, is all needed. In most of the cases, you should call a professional to check out the rental property before deciding it can’t be fixed.

A professional should also do annual maintenance on your water heater, like draining the water to eliminate sediment buildup.


It’s not rare to uncover drywall damage when renters vacate a rental home. Accidents or heavy wall hangings usually cause this. Most holes in drywall can be quickly and easily fixed. But bigger holes might need new drywall, which takes a little more time.

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Landlords with a lot of experience and exposure know that preparation is essential, but there’s no way to plan for everything that could go wrong. And when you think you’ve seen it all, a new problem that could cost you a lot comes up. That’s why you need to make confirm you have good landlord insurance. By taking the proper preventive steps, staying in touch with your tenants, and choosing the right coverage, you’ll be better able to deal with the common problems with rental properties.


Landlords often have problems with toilets, especially when people put things in them that shouldn’t be there, like in garbage disposals. Baby wipes, cleaning pads, cotton balls, and paper towels can damage your plumbing and septic tank, so it’s important to tell your tenants not to flush them. 

Also, toilet tanks have several plastic and metal parts that can break, bend, or come loose. Most of the time, these problems are easy and cheap to fix, but it’s still a good idea to call a pro.


Owning a rental property comes with certain responsibilities and that includes overseeing repairs. If you don’t want to handle the hassles of fixing the most minor repairs, get in touch with Estate Land Marketing.

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