Why invest in New Metro City


New Metro City Gujar Khan is an under-construction housing scheme developed in Gujar Khan. Moreover, the owners of this project are already in the construction field and have delivered worthwhile real estate projects like New Metro City Kharaian before. Also, they want to offer a state-of-the-art lifestyle to all their investors and future inhabitants of Gujar Khan. The best part would be that they have designed outclass features to provide investors with the best living standards. Furthermore, the rates of the properties will also be easily affordable, and all investors from diverse economic backgrounds can invest efficiently.

Owners & Developers

Bilal Bashir Malik is the CEO and president of this real estate project, which the BSM Developers are working on. Furthermore, the owners are known for their brilliance in work and outstanding residential projects like the New Metro City. Also, the entire team of developers are famous for their hard work and for constructing quality deliverable. And that is the chief reason that the investors have already trusted this housing project. In a nutshell, investing in this housing project would help future residents in achieving a high-quality lifestyle.

Location & Map

The site is the initial factor that all investors look at before coming up with any long-term investment plan. Furthermore, the owners have also chosen a perfect location to facilitate probable inhabitants with a superior lifestyle. Moreover, the entire site is situated at the Main GT Road Gujar Khan. The location of this housing project is reachable from important areas, so the investors are considering this as a suitable real estate investment option. In short, the entire project is near to Rawalpindi-Islamabad Railway Line, Gujar Khan mall, Tehsil Head Quarters, and Punjab college of commerce.


Several state-of-the-art facilities are available here at this real estate project at highly reasonable rates. Some of the main facilities of this project are as follows:

Basic Necessities provision

The project developers are providing the best services to all the inhabitants. But also, the best facilities will be the delivery of all fundamental’s necessities like gas and water to investors at highly low prices. And all such basic necessities would be here 24/7 to offer sustainable living standards to all future inhabitants.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The project developers are eager to offer high-quality lifestyles to their investors. Moreover, the project developers have planned to follow the global urban town planning standards. Furthermore, the developers of this housing project would also be going for the plantation campaign. So, we guarantee you that living here would be valuable for a calm and healthy lifestyle.

Business Hub

This housing project would also have a separate commercial sector for business activities. Furthermore, the developers have offered several sizes of commercial plots that will be here with world class facilities. Furthermore, the entire housing project would have the best payment plan. 

Why Invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

The entire housing project offers the excellent features and facilities that guarantee the best lifestyle to all real estate investors. Furthermore, the location and rates are some of the best features of this real estate venture. Also, the project developers are famous for delivering high-quality construction work. So, investing here will benefit future inhabitants to attain a high-quality lifestyle for longer term. The facilities of this housing project are the main reasons the investors are looking to invest here. Therefore, investment in this project would be the best real estate option. The development work of this housing project is taking place with speed pace. Moreover, the project developers believe in delivering all investors the best and most high-quality ventures. Moreover, the investors of this project found the location and facilities the best investment aspect. That is the only reason that the investment rate here now is snowballing. 


The BSM Developers are working on this magnificent real estate project very efficiently. Moreover, a main concern of the developers is to provide the best lifestyle to all the investors and future inhabitants. Another fascinating aspect of this project is its location that attracts the majority of the investors. Furthermore, the rates of the properties would be available soon for the investor’s facilitation.

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