Top 4 Considerations For Buying A Floor Scraper Machine

If you own a construction firm or run an equipment rental business, floor scrapers are indispensable for you.

A floor scraper machine is revolutionary in the scope of industrial floor removal. What would have otherwise taken 5-10 labourers is now managed single handedly by this innovative machine.

Although it is quite an investment, it can save labour costs in the long run. Furthermore, it can speed up the timeline of the project. Besides, it reduces the overall cost since it employs only one operator to run it.

All-in-all, this machine is quite helpful. Read this article to know what considerations to make before buying this machine.

Considerations to Make

A floor scraper machine is a revolutionary machine but quite an investment. Here is a list of things to consider before you buy one:

Frequency of Usage

Whether you’re in the construction business or any other business, first consider the usage of the machine. How often would you use it in a year?

Next, you must not forget to consider your competition. Depending on whether you are located in a small or big city, the volume of competition will determine your business. Your usage of the machine must justify the cost.

Weight and Size

The machine’s performance is directly proportional to its weight. Depending on the flooring that has to be scraped and removed, some situations may require a heavy-duty machine.

Furthermore, larger spaces need bigger machines such as the ride-on machine. It may, however, not work for any floor except the ground floor since this machine is heavy. A smaller machine with a walk-behind system may suffice for smaller spaces and higher floors.

Remember to consider the weight-handling capacity of the elevator if the machine has to be used on a higher floor. It is usually better to select a smaller machine that can be used anywhere easily.

Source of Power

Depending on whether the work is indoors or outdoors, check the power source. If your project is outdoors at a car park or a flyover, use a machine that does not require recharging. Some machines can run for over 4 hours on one tank. Moreover, choose a machine that does not take much time for refuelling.

If the project is indoors, select a battery-operated machine. An added benefit of these machines is that they are quieter and low on emissions. Most of these also have a standard plug and charge quickly.

You have an option to select between battery-operated machines and propane-powered machines. The latter has higher horsepower than the former.


Since the purpose of this machine is to replace manual labour with technology, it must be highly efficient. The efficiency depends on the machine’s battery life.

However, a good battery life alone is not sufficient to prove efficiency. To be truly efficient, it should be coupled with a good machine output on the given battery life.

Wrapping Up

The floor scraper machine is a classic example of technology replacing manual labour. The demand for this machine is increasing at an alarming rate.

When buying this machine, it is vital to list your requirements. Select the option that best fulfils every requirement. The machine should deliver adequately and prove to be an economical investment.

Moreover, hire a trained person to operate the machine to ensure maximum efficiency.

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