Must-have Welding Essentials for Beginners

On the first occasion, welding essentials may seem like an overly complex activity. You have to work with heat and pressure and choose appropriate equipment to complete a project.

Once you choose suitable welding supplies and learn the craft, this fabrication process will not seem much daunting. In fact, becoming proficient in welding can also help initiate your small enterprise.

It is no surprise that 94% of Australian welding businesses have less than 20 employees. Hence, even beginners can try their luck with an ambition to become potential entrepreneurs.

Having said that, your journey will start on a good note if you choose the tools correctly. This article aims to shortlist the essential welding equipment to kickstart your journey. 

1. Welding Gloves

Using gloves is a no-brainer in any fabrication activity. However, for welding, you need to be a tad more peculiar.

Here are the two prominent welding gloves to choose from:

  • TIG welding gloves: Thin, soft, and allows a tighter grip
  • MIG welding gloves: Thick, padded, and have a loose fitting

You can choose either of these gloves depending on the type of welding. So, ensure you choose the appropriate ones according to the job.

2. Auto-darkening Helmet

While welding, sparks or flames can end up damaging your face. Hence, an auto-darkening helmet is essential to protect your skin and eyes.

The glass on such helmets has a peculiar dark colour to safeguard your eyes. Light from the welding spot does not enter completely through the darkened glass.

Hence, consider this item one of the most basic welding supplies for beginners and professionals. 

3. Magnets

Welding magnets can prove excellent attachments to add versatility to your fabrication. You can use these tools to hold the workpiece at any angle.

Notably, you can skip using clamps to hold metal pieces. Thus, magnets add to the convenience during the welding process.

If you are a beginner, you will benefit from such welding magnets’ versatility and ease of usage. 

4. Welding Chip Hammer

Also known as a chipping hammer, this item works efficiently to remove metallic slag after welding. It has a flat and pointed end to remove different types of slag.

Most intermediate and expert-level welders do not use a chipping hammer regularly. However, beginners can benefit from this tool.

You might require a chipping hammer in the following welding processes:

  • MIG welding with flux core wire
  • Stick welding

So, ensure you buy a handy and durable chipping hammer to take care of the slag.

5. Speed Square

One of the simplest welding essentials, a speed square, is necessary to measure the perpendicular of your workpiece.

Notably, you can use this tool from multiple angles due to its compact size and ergonomic design. The speed square will be an essential welding measurement item. So, make sure you consider it in your early list of welding essentials.

Wrapping Up

The five items like helmet, gloves, speed square, hammer, and magnets constitute your beginner’s welding kit. More importantly, each one of these essentials caters to different requirements.

You will gradually need to add other auxiliary items like clamps, bandsaw, and grinders. Still, to get started, focus on the list in this article. Invest in more equipment as you advance your welding skills.

After all, buying the best welding tools will require adequate funds, which you will generate eventually. 

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