How to Change a Company Name From MCO Malta Dax Limited to Foris Dax MT Limited?

You’re trying to change the name of your business from ‘MCO MALTA DAX LIMITED’ to ‘FORIS DAX MT LIMITED’. This article will help you get started. We’ll also go over the address and phone number changes that you’ll have to make. Finally, we’ll discuss some of the things you need to do in order to change your name. Whether you want to change the name of your business or you just want to change the way you contact the company, there are some ways to make the process easy.


You can easily verify whether Mcco Malta Dax Limited has changed its name by checking its company registry. It is located at 171 Bakery Street in Valletta. If not, you can also lookup the company name online. The new name is “FORIS DAX MT Limited”.

The company will be trading under a new name, “FORIS DAX MT Limited“, following the recent IPO. The company is changing its name from ‘MCO Malta Dax Limited’ to “FORIS DAX MT Limited” to reflect its new business name. The name change reflects the company’s intention to expand its business activities in the future.

Change of address

If you are looking for Foris Dax MT Limited’s change of address, you can find it using the Companies House database. This company was incorporated on Friday, 16th October 2020. Its current partial address is Dublin 14, Ireland. It has one shareholder and shares its Eircode with 55 other companies. If Foris Dax MT Limited has been insolvent for more than two years, you can check their status in the Judgment Database to see if they have been the subject of any court actions. You can also sign up for Judgment Monitoring Alerts to receive emails about their company’s financial situation.

If you are wondering how to change your address for Foris MT Limited, then you’re not alone. The company’s address is listed on its official website, so you can update it there, too. However, if you are changing your address, you should check that you are not changing the address of your bank account. If you’re moving to a new address, you should inform your current one as soon as possible.

Change of phone number

If you need to change your phone number for Foris Dax MT Limited, we can help you. We have a database of phone numbers for businesses. Simply enter the number into the box below and our system will do the rest. We will also notify you of any new listings for the company. You will receive a notification via email if your number is listed. You can also change your address online.

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