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According to Albert Einstein, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!” ۔ Conducting classroom-led exams was common and online exams were limited to competitive exams or entrance exams. The spread of CoVID-19 broke the stereotype and forced everyone to move to online education. Online Examination Management have replaced the exams administered by moderators. Following the tide, the education system realized the need for an examination administration system to deal with the changing nature of examinations and seemingly online learning. OCLASS a leading name in the ad-tech industry, is constantly activating the education sector with its wide range of products. If you are still reluctant to adopt an online platform for school exams, Facial Recognition Software: The Truth Behind It is the perfect destination for you!

What is exam management system?

It is an online platform that manages various aspects of conducting exams. It offers a complete software package and offers planning, monitoring, evaluation and replication of offline test systems using proctoring technologies.
During the spread of CoVID-19, the online examination management system emerged as a boon for all stakeholders in the education system. The enhanced system enables the conduct of scalable and remote based examinations with the help of modern technology.
Are there different types of test management software available in the market?

  • There are different types of exam management systems available in the market depending on the needs of the educational institution.
  • Systems that provide online platforms for exams only.
  • Systems offering test platforms with practicing services
  • A complete package that offers a testing platform, porting services, and assessment service.
  • What are the pillars of OCLASS  examination management software?
  • OCLASS  experts develop every piece of software with thorough research and analysis. Like other software, school examination management software is based on three strong pillars:

Exam Platform

It offers a detailed examination system which includes the establishment of a controller, administration and faculty, and provision of results. OCLASS  School management system Singapore offers an examination platform consisting of:
Enable bulk upload for candidates, practitioners, and assessment data
Instead of wasting your energy on candidate slotting, focus on more productive activities.
Sends automatic invitations to students with details of exam date and time.
Anonymity will help review papers without prejudice.
This system enables automated query creation, which saves time, and leads to anonymity.
The system generates a questionnaire based on automatic randomization which improves accuracy and effectiveness.
The question paper can include a variety of questions such as long answers, sketches, multiple choices. Diversity will investigate students in different ways.

Features without fraud

Incidents of exam fraud are not new, but the school is committed to introducing a non-fraud feature that makes your system a complete proof. School exam management software is based on AI based algorithms that make the software accurate. This offer:
AI-based practice promptly detects suspicious cases.
Manual Plus enables live navigation.
Full confirmation of candidates
An ideal examiner
The goal for the future is a comprehensive and unique solution for school exams. Not only the exam but the school extends a helping hand through its trouble-free diagnostic solution. The examination administration system serves as an excellent solution for the evaluation of all types of examinations. It facilitates stakeholders through:

Project Governance

Provides clear and unambiguous visibility for submission of answer sheet.
Allows you to set different reminders for incomplete tasks.
No more waiting for results.
What are the features offered by  OCLASS School Examination Management Software?
After understanding the meaning of the basic pillars of school exam management software, let’s describe the features offered by the system:
There are no restrictions on diversified boards.
When the country joins the wave of globalization, the education industry was ready to welcome various boards like IGCSE, IB, ICSE, CBSE and take the quality of education to new levels. The school adopted different cultures of the education system and developed software that could better serve the purpose of the Board of Education. In addition, the system offers a variety of diagnostic methods such as CCE, CWA, GPA and automation of your system.
Tailor-made report card
Each institute may have different report card formats and specifications. They are usually an impression of the theme of the institute. OCLASS  offers complete customization and enables teachers to select and print single or multiple templates.
Implement digitization.
This is a key feature of the school’s school management system that enables digital implementation of education. The examination administration system offers digital versions of examinations and assessments. This eliminates flaws in the manual test system and offers a robust solution. Question papers are created just before the exam and allow access to authentic students within a pre-determined period. By limiting the use of resources to a computer and a reliable Internet connection, the scalability of exams can be increased or decreased as needed.

Better communication

Since all stakeholders such as students, teachers, school administration staff are using the same exam management software, there will be no communication gap. The school allows you to set up various reminders and send automatic notifications about important exam updates. Students / parents can receive updates on upcoming exams via SMS or emails.

Safe and secure way

Security measures are the most important feature of any software. In the field of education, since examinations are very important in academic life, it is an unwritten convention that they should be conducted without any security leaks. The school binds exam management software with cloud-based security so that only authorized users can access the content. Role-based users secure login-based access systems.
In addition, manual exams have the potential for biased assessment, which is completely ruled out when exams are conducted using school examination management software. Masking Evaluator and student credentials are unknown so the whole process is done without any priority which leads to real diagnosis.
Allow the school’s school examination management software to upgrade your standards, regardless of the size of your educational institution. Software features let your students test without fail, and fast results break down wait times and hassles. Reduce the workload of your management staff during the height of the exam and engage them in more productive tasks to brighten up your brand name. Become a never-before-seen active member of the mainstream online exam system with OCLASS  Exam Management software! Let our mission to digitalize schools help you deliver digitalized education and prepare your future generation for the future.

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