Ways you can take care of your shoes easily 

Caring for your shoes is caring for yourself. The better you take care of your shoes, the more likely they are to stick by your side as the path gets rough and the roads get harder. When one takes care of their shoes, they are also taking care of themselves because shoes reflect a person’s personality. Taking care of ladies shoes shows people that you put effort into maintaining yourself and that you are a dedicated person. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have different shoes for different days and occasions. The shoes that you don’t use much shouldn’t be left stationary. Shoes shield your feet from the elements, so treat them with the respect they deserve.

In order to properly care for your shoes, follow these maintenance tips:

Shoes hate moisture

Keep your shoes dry since moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria, which can cause the material to deteriorate when you use them. To keep them dry and bacteria-free, use desiccants like silica pouches or gels. If you don’t have silica, you can load your shoes with newspapers and replace them every week or so to prevent moisture damage to the soles.

Keep them away from dust.

Even if it is not a good idea to wear the same pair of shoes frequently, they still need to be cleaned and kept dust-free. Excessive dust can cause shoes to lose their natural colour and appear dated. Regularly polish and clean your ladies shoes to keep them looking new. Additionally, to prevent dust from collecting on your regularly worn home slippers, keep your shoes secure and away from them. The shoe closet is a good spot to store your shoes.

Rejuvenate the leather

By reviving them with a shoe cream, you can make the already-breathable leather in your shoes even more breathable. In contrast, use a brush or soft cloth to apply the shoe cream to dry shoes, and then wait the entire night before wearing the shoes to allow the cream to absorb perfectly into the leather.

For white sneaker shoes and soles

Both men and women adore white shoes, particularly sneakers, which are a classic style. White, however, is easily stained and discoloured. They require extra care as a result, and to clean them, simply use a sponge dipped in dishwashing soap to remove the stains and restore their sparkling appearance.

Polish the shoes every six wears.

Similar to how you don’t want your leather to become very wet, you also don’t want it to become too dry because it could break. Some shoes can be fickle. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy shoe is simple. Just use shoe polish around every six wears. The ladies shoes are hydrated by shoe polish, which also adds a layer of defence against water and dust. Additionally, it revives colour and covers scratches and flaws. You can simply use wax and cream polish to do the job.

Avoid very cold weather.

It should go without saying, but try to avoid walking on sidewalks covered in snow or salt when it’s raining, and try not to wear leather shoes. Leather shoes become more susceptible to abrasive surfaces like concrete when wet, and water can discolour even waterproofed leather shoes.

Wear a pair of galoshes to protect them from the outside elements in case you have to wear them in the snow or rain. In fact, experts advise keeping a pair of shoe protectors in your car and at home just in case.

If your shoes do become wet, resist the desire to place them near a radiator or window to dry them. The leather might crack and become damaged by heat and sunlight. Just give them a few days to breathe on their own.

Store shoes with shoe tree 

The essential factor of shoe care, and typically the one that is most neglected, is a cedar or poplar shoe tree. Due to its porous nature, leather will eventually degrade as a result of absorbing moisture and odour. In order to preserve the shoe from creasing, a shoe tree absorbs the moisture and smell. This one simple procedure alone can significantly increase the lifespan of your shoes.

Final thoughts

It might seem difficult to care for leather shoes, but with a little effort, leather can be very easy to maintain. There are really only two primary ideas in terms of how to properly care for leather shoes, whether they are dress shoes, boots, or casual sneakers. With only a few straightforward actions, the longevity of your ladies shoes can be significantly increased. 

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