How to Take a Screen Shot on Mac

There are many reasons to take a screen shot of your Mac. You can easily share the screenshot with your friends and colleagues, or print it for your personal use. If you’re looking to capture a specific part of your screen, this article will provide you with some useful tips. The following article will also show you how to Crop your screenshot, change its image format, and suppress the camera shutter sound. Read on to learn more!

Capturing a specific part of your screen

In order to capture a specific part of your screen on Mac, you must first press Shift + Command + 4. This will change the cursor to a crosshair that you can move around the screen to select the part you want to capture. Pressing the Space Bar or pressing Esc will cancel the screen capture. The crosshair you have selected will be displayed with a gray border. Capturing a specific part of your screen on Mac is easy, and the process is straightforward.

In MacOS Mojave (2018), screenshot shortcut commands were introduced. They call up a panel with screen capture options. Clicking the capture button will capture your entire screen, a specific part of it, or a video. You can also record the entire screen if you want. To close the screenshot panel, hit the X button or press the Escape key to exit the window. Once you have captured your screen, you can use the audio recording feature.

Cropping a screenshot

Cropping a screenshot on Mac can be a simple process. To crop a screenshot, you just need to drag the mouse over the desired area. The screenshot will be saved to your device, and you can further edit it. The Mac does not come with advanced capturing tools, however, so you will have to work with a simple method to get the desired result. Fortunately, the Mac does have a built-in screenshot cropping tool called Photo App, which allows you to take a screenshot on the go. You simply click and drag the selection rectangle to move it. Once you’ve cropped the screenshot, you’ll see its edited version in the Photos app.

After taking a screenshot, you can crop it in a couple of different ways. The first way is to use the Preview tool. Simply open your screenshot in Preview and click the Crop button. You can also use the pencil icon on the screenshot to access various editing tools. You can use this method on any screen, but it is more effective with Windows-based screenshots. But if you’re using an older version of Preview, you should use the “shrink” option.

Changing the image format of a screenshot

Changing the image format of a screenshot on Mac can be accomplished easily with a few keystrokes. Fortunately, this process is the same on all Mac OS X versions. First, you need to select the screenshot file format. For example, if you want to save your screenshot in PNG format, you will need to convert it to JPEG first. Alternatively, you can use the Terminal command.

After you have chosen the format, you can change the image size and resolution of your screenshot. Typically, screenshots are saved as JPG. However, if you’d prefer to capture a screen shot in a different format, you can use a program called Onyx for Mac. This program is compatible with all versions of macOS and allows you to change the image format to a variety of popular formats.

Silencing the camera shutter sound

If you want to silence the sound of the camera shutter on your screen shot on Mac, there are a couple of ways to do it. First, you can use hands-free mode on your device. This feature allows you to take photos while listening to music. By plugging in headphones or using wireless ones, you can block out the shutter sound on your Mac. This tip is also valid for iPad.

Fortunately, iPhone users can silence the camera shutter sound. Simply open the camera app, turn on the Video mode, and then tap the big red Record button. You’ll notice a white shutter button on the side of the video. When you want to silence the camera shutter sound on your Mac, simply slide down the slider to zero. Then you’ll be able to silently capture your screen shot, even while recording video.

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