5 Foods to Eat If You Have Ulcerative Colitis

What’s stopping you from eating your favorite foods. Well, I have ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is a disease that refrains a million people around the world from eating their comfort foods and that is just sad.

According to the certified medical healthcare specialist of Family Care Hospital in Karachi, people who have ulcerative colitis need to limit their fiber intake. You can achieve this task by replacing your rich in fiber food items with foods and food products that are easy to digest. This will not only provide you with enough nutrition but will also keep your metabolic systems intact.

Given below are some of the best food choices that you can make that will help with ulcerative colitis.

1.    Applesauce

During an ulcerative flare up the gastrointestinal continues to flare up and in order to ease up the sore tissue linings, it is recommended that you should eat easy and digestible foods. Applesauce is one such recommended food item. Make sure to choose that applesauce that does not have any sugar added to it. This is because all the added sugars can flare up the situation quite worse.

You do not have to worry about such matters because you can make your own applesauce at home. Peel some apple slices then cook them in water. Keep cooking it and then puree the mixture. You have your own without sugar applesauce.

2.    Bananas and Other Canned Fruits

Most of the time a dietician will otherwise advise you to avoid the consumption of ripe fruits but ripe bananas are a whole different story. Very ripe and soft bananas are often well tolerated by your gastrointestinal tract.

Apart from being easy to digest, bananas are a great way to add up carbohydrates, proteins, fats and thus provide the right dose of energy that is much needed.

In addition, to all this, some of the canned fruits such as pears or peaches might also be what you need to ease up the flare.

3.    Cooked Vegetables

Vegetables, when they are raw, should be avoided as they intensify the flare and can cause serious metabolic issues. Some of the best choices when it comes to these veggies are carrots and spinach as they provide the right dose of vitamin A and K.

All you have to do is that you just have to make sure that the veggies are properly cooked until you can mash them up with the help of a fork. This is to ensure that all the fiber is broken down so your digestive tract does not have to do much of the task.

4.    Salmon

We can rave all day about the best qualities that eating salmon can have on your body. Most of the time people who have ulcerative colitis are in need of protein so that is why salmon is considered to be one of the best possible options for them.

Salmon does not only have protein it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. All the omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation. You do not have to stick to salmon you can also try to eat tuna, shrimp, or other sorts of seafood. This is mainly because of the high protein content of these foods.

Make sure to bake it rather than fry it because you will lose all the nutritional value of the food.

5.    Water

Ulcerative colitis can often cause people to lose all their fluids because of diarrhea and other health complications. Thus in case of severe dehydration, replenishing your fluids is not only necessary it is pretty much inevitable.

Thus, people who have this disease, need to pay attention to their meal plan as well as to their drinking capability. You have to make sure that you are drinking the right amount of water.

It is advised that you need to devise a proper meal plan with your dietician. They will properly regard you about what and how you should devise your everyday meals.


Thus make sure to not fear this disease. With the help of all these aforementioned tips, a person can make sure that the flare does not get worse. Make sure to pay attention to what you are eating and how you are eating. Upon the instance of a worst-case scenario, you can always consult a primary healthcare provider.

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