Injured on a Construction Site? Working With an Attorney is the Right Choice

Working construction is a dangerous job, but that doesn’t mean an injury is just something you have to deal with. You may have a case for compensation, depending on the type of injury you’ve sustained and the causes of it.

For example, if there was negligence on the part of your company or one of its employees that caused you harm, you’ll want to talk with an attorney about whether you have a case to pursue. Facts and specifics are essential for personal injury cases, which is why talking with an attorney is the best choice.

How an Attorney Can Help

Construction site injuries often require the help of an attorney because most construction companies aren’t going to pay out for injuries. Even if the company wants to, they must go through their insurance company. That insurer is likely to offer a settlement only if required, and even if they do offer one, it will usually be a small amount. Make sure you don’t take that offer or sign anything. Instead, go and talk to an attorney who handles construction site law.

What to Do When You Hire an Attorney

Bring the Facts of Your Case

Grand Junction lawyers who work with construction site accidents know a lot of information goes into handling these kinds of cases. They’ll generally have experience with cases of this type, just like their counterparts nationwide. No matter where you’ve been injured on a construction site, some local attorneys can help. Take the case facts to your attorney, including any written reports about the injury.

Don’t Settle for a Low Offer

Taking a low offer to settle isn’t a good idea because it’s often much less than you deserve. The insurance company knows that, and so does your attorney. Please give them the offer and let them work with the insurance company’s legal department to get you a higher compensation offer. Then, you can get advice from your attorney about whether you want to accept that settlement or try to earn more. Your attorney is an excellent resource in knowing your case’s worth.

You May Deserve Compensation for Your Injuries

The level of compensation you deserve will depend on many factors, including whether you had proper safety gear or played any role in the accident. You’ll also need to show medical bills and other proof of how much you owe from the injuries, whether you can continue to work, and if there will be ongoing treatment or medical needs. Then, you have a better chance of a fair settlement because you have detailed records to support your request.

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