Are Bronze Doors the Right Choice for Your Home?

Bronze is an elegant material that complements traditional and modern new-construction homes. Its deeper reddish tones evoke a sense of history and timeless beauty.

The proper maintenance routine can help bronze retain a desirable appearance. However, it is essential to mitigate oxidation as early as possible. This helps minimize the need for an expensive, full-time maintenance crew.


Bronze doors New York add a luxurious look to your home that is both durable and sustainable. In addition, their heavier weight helps deter burglary by making it difficult for thieves to force or kick in a door.

Bronze hardware is also corrosion-resistant, especially from water that can contact the skin or food. Bronze is more durable when oxidized, giving it a patina that protects it from the elements and wear and tear.

The metal alloys used in bronze (copper with zinc and tin in different proportions) allow it to be cast with a very high level of detail. This makes it possible for doors to be crafted in one piece or as a set of flat plates with engraved emblems, monograms, crosses, or other pictorial representations. These can then be set into a wooden support.


Bronze is an elegant material that adds a luxurious look to any home. It looks stunning in homes with antiques or contemporary furniture. It also fits into classic bathrooms with traditional decor or England and America’s more carefully detailed houses.

The artisanal touch of bronze doors adds depth and character to any home. Its rich tones and natural aging process give it a timeless antique aesthetic. They can be matched to other bronze hardware, creating a cohesive and beautiful style.

While bronze is quite durable, it’s essential to understand that it will need to be repaired and maintained over time. Epoxy coatings should never be used on bronze, as they can cause galvanic action with older metals. Likewise, acid-based treatments should only be used by experienced craftspeople. This is to prevent damage and avoid loss of historic material. This is one of the reasons why working with a skilled team is essential to restore your existing bronze hardware or create new windows and doors for your home.


Bronze doors are highly secure because of their weight. They deter break-ins and theft because they are more difficult to kick in or jimmy open. They also have an opulent, rich look that is visually appealing and can add to the overall security of a home.

Aesthetically, bronze door hardware stands out from other materials. It works well with both classic and modern decor. It can be incorporated into historic homes filled with antiques and new construction.

Architectural bronze is ideal for windows and doors because it offers any space a high-end, luxurious appearance. Its durability allows for slim frames that maximize light in any window or door opening. The bronze will oxidize and patinate with time, giving the finish depth and character. This aging process can be mitigated with the use of proper cleaning techniques. Avoid using sandblasting or steel wire brushes, as this will scratch the surface of the bronze.

Energy efficiency

Everyone aspires to live in comfortable homes, maintain their desired temperature, and use low energy. Bronze windows and doors help to accomplish these goals by mitigating the flow of thermal energy into and out of a building.

A damaged or non-existent weather stripping is one of the easiest ways for air and moisture to leak into or out of a building. Bronze doors and frames are designed to incorporate a durable rubber seal that helps reduce heat or cold transfer between the indoors and out.

Bronze doors can also be combined with a high-performance inner frame to create a fully thermally broken system. For example, JELD-WEN’s Siteline wood windows and doors and chestnut bronze cladding helped bring style, quality, and energy efficiency to this stylish home in Louisiana. This innovative solution was achieved by incorporating Ellison Formed Bronze Balanced Doors. These doors are operated by a power operator hidden in the frame header but can be manually opened and closed like traditional Ellison balanced doors.

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