What are the Effects of Non-Compliance with Alimony Awards? 

If a couple is getting divorced, then after the long due process of law, there is a divorce, and the courts order various other associated things along with the divorce. Spousal support or alimony, child support, financial asset division and others are also included in the court orders. If the couple is not following the court order in any circumstances, there can be a legal impact of such non-compliance. The court can order fines or other severe penalties for the person who is in non-compliance with alimony awards. 

In this article we will discuss how the non-compliance of spousal support will leave legal implications on the couple. However, if you are stuck in any of the legal cases of non-compliance with alimony awards, then you must search for a divorce lawyer near me so that you can know all the legal details about the case. 

What are the Effects of Non-Compliance with Alimony Awards? 

  • Non-compliance will be considered as a contempt of court: If a person is not following the court orders, then it is regarded as a contempt of court. It is one of the critical penalties of the courts that they can levy on the couple who is not following the court orders. Judges can give the order of paying the alimony with fines or there can be instances in which the court can take severe actions against the person.  
  • Execution Writ: Courts have the right to give a writ of execution in which the recipient spouse has the right to seize the property of the defaulter party. In this seizure, there can be bank accounts, and other property which can fulfill the requirements of the alimony. There will be a court order directing such seizures for providing an alimony amount to the recipient’s spouse. 
  • Withholding the Income: There is also a possibility that the courts may order the seizure of income for the recipient’s spouse. The income will be restricted, and there will be a diversion of revenue to the recipient directly. The recipient is accessible from the hassles in this case; there will be a court order, and the income will be diverted now. It is considered one of the stress-free options for the couple. 

Thus, these are some of the options that are implied in cases when there is non-compliance of alimony awards. However, if you are stuck at any point in divorce cases, then it will be better to consult a lawyer for better guidance about the case. 

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