Legal ways to design Your Custom Car Number Plate

You can apply for personalized license plates that may be used on any vehicle. A minimum of two letters or digits, excluding spaces, must be shown on the license plate, with a maximum of six or seven characters, including spaces. The number of letters and numerals that may be printed on a 3d gel plate is directly proportional to its size.

There may be up to seven letters and digits on the registration for passenger automobiles and RVs. There are spaces between each of the letters and digits. It is possible to have as many as six letters and digits on the license plates of caravans, mopeds, motorbikes, tractors, trailers, US plates, large/tall plates, and tiny plates for vehicles.

There are spaces between each of the letters and digits. You need to be at least 18 years old and a car owner to apply. Co-ownership of the car is not permitted in any capacity. You may also submit an application for personalized license plates on behalf of a company that you are authorized to represent.  

How to get individualized license plates

Check whether the particular combination of letters and numbers you wish to use is already taken. Whether it is or not, apply to use it.  Wait for a response to determine whether the particular combination of letters and numbers may be utilized.

  • Pay a total of 9000 NOK.
  •  Place your order for the license plates on Your Page.
  •  Establish a connection between the vehicle and the number plate combination.
  • After you have paid for the personalized license plates, you cannot modify the character combination or get a refund of your money. If you do not pay within the allotted 30 days, the character combination will be made available for others to apply for, and you will lose the right to claim it.

The dimensions of the new plates must be identical to those of the existing ones. You need to ensure that the new personalized plates are of the same size and type as the vehicle’s standard license plates before you may use them on that vehicle.

Custom Car Number Plate

For instance, if you wish to use personalized plates of the American size (often known as “US plates”). The vehicle you drive has to be authorized to use such plates. To put it another way, if your vehicle has a number plate of the ordinary size, you will not be able to utilize personalized plates of the American size.

Ten years’ worth of use rights are yours to keep

You will have the right to use the license plate combination for a period of 10 years after you purchase it. You can’t put a stop to it any earlier. If you want to continue to have access to this right after this, you need to submit a request to renew it no later than one month before it expires (and no sooner than three months before), at the latest. You will need to visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office to get your license plates.

When your plates are ready, you will get a notification through SMS or email, at which point you can schedule a time to pick them up. In addition to the plates, you will be given a permit that verifies your legal right to use them. While you are behind the wheel, you must always have this permit on you. 

You should switch to normal license plates when driving outside of one state. After receiving your personalized number plates, you will still be able to use the standard license plates you already have. We strongly advise that you switch back to your regular number plates. If you intend to drive in a country that is not Norway.

The application of individualized license plates

Your personalized license plate has to be linked to the vehicle in which it will be displayed at all times. On Your Page, you can either link the plate to the car or move it to another vehicle.

If you are intending to sell your car, you need to make sure that the connection to the personalized number plate combination is removed before you put it up for sale. You will keep the right to use the personalized number plates. And you are free to use them on any car you own in the future. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance passing the plates on to another individual. As a general rule, personalized license plates cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

Character placement on tall plates and, in the United States, on plates

Personalization on tall plates is limited to six letters and figures, including the spaces between them. The first line can have up to three letters and numbers. While the second line may also contain up to three letters and numbers.

On the top line, the first letter or number will be positioned to the left, regardless of whether it is a letter or a number. After the first three characters, the bottom line will continue with a combination of numbers and letters. If you wish to have less than three characters shown on the plate, they will go in the top line.

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