Roof Repairs: Tips to Keep Your Smyrna Beach Business Protected

The roof is the unsung hero of every commercial premise. It protects against the harsh elements of nature, such as rain, snow, and moisture, and also keeps the inhabitants warm and comfortable. A decrepit roof can destroy the entire foundation of your commercial premise and lower its value to an abysmally low level. On the other hand, a well-kept roof does wonders in bolstering your building’s value and strengthening its bedrock. Therefore, timely roof repairs and replacements are pivotal for every beach business structure in Smyrna.

Simple Steps to Keep the Roof of Your Smyrna Beach Business Safe

Charity begins at home, and if you want to ensure timely upkeep of your commercial premise’s roof, then some easy-peasy DIY repairs can make a mile of a difference.

1.   Make Minor Repairs

A heavy snowstorm or smaller debris can create tiny holes in your roof or underneath the shingles. These faults are quite simple to fix and all you need is caulk or flashing. The approach is to simply lay overlapping flashing on top of these holes once they are filled to create a tight seal.

2.   Replace Step Flashing

To take better care of your building’s roof, you can replace the roof flashing affected by consistent weathering or other related damage. It is quite easy and doable to replace roof flashing, and you simply have to follow the steps given below –

  • Remove the shingles
  • Pry up damaged flashing
  • Install or fix new flashing and be mindful that it is even and uniform
  • Secure the new flashing with roofing nails
  • Seal the edges with caulk
  • Replace the removed shingles

3.   Repair and Replace Vents and Boots

The third way to maintain the quality of your building’s roof is by repairing or replacing the vents and boots. Many people, including business persons, are unaware of the fact that pipe boots and vents can also leak if damaged, as they are inserted in a carved hole and flashed around the edges. Once damaged, you must remove them immediately to keep further complications at bay. It’s noteworthy to mention that the process of replacing vents is similar to flash replacement.

4.   Fix Leaks around the Chimney

Whether the step flashing surrounding your chimney is leaking or the brick itself has cracked, brick chimney leaks are problematic because water can reach the ground floor. Therefore, if you encounter any leaks around the chimney, make sure to opt for a professional Smyrna Beach commercial roofing immediately.

5.   Be Mindful of DIY Roof Repair Mistakes

Last (but never least for those who need to hear it!), when trying to repair your commercial premise’s roof and maintain its upkeep, it is crucial to avoid some basic DIY errors. To begin with, do not try to meddle with big repair requirements alone. The quest is futile, and you would most probably end up wasting your time and energy. Instead, hire an experienced and adept roofing service if the repair is challenging and massive.

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