Article 84: Sustainable Sources – Environmental Friendly Products Buyer’s Guide 2023

Sustainable Sourcing is the practice of buying materials, goods, and services from suppliers who operate using environmental, social, and economic best practices. It is a way for businesses to reduce their environmental impact, improve workers’ lives, and support ethical business practices.

What are the types of Sustainable Sourcing?

When a company thinks about its procurement, it should examine the following three aspects or forms of sustainable Sourcing:

  1. Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability applies to procurement by considering pollution, land, animal habitats, and the usage of natural resources. Consequently, it combines energy conservation, global warming, pollution control, biological persistence, and reducing water and carbon footprints.

  • Economic Sustainability:

When this concept is used in sustainable Sourcing, companies must choose a supply chain or suppliers who adhere to the recognized social and economic best practices without impairing the desired ROI (Return on Investment). Therefore, it requires reducing energy use, maintaining financial stability, and other factors.

  • Social Sustainability:

It depends on how the business affects society at large as well as its workers, employees, and business partners (good and bad). Therefore, ensuring workplace safety and paying workers are crucial to Social Sustainability. As a result, it engages diverse local communities and safe working conditions.

Advantages of Sustainable Sourcing:

Sustainable Sourcing is a way of getting things made and delivered while caring for the planet and people. Let’s look at some of the essential advantages of using sustainable Sourcing:

  • Help the Environment:

Sustainable Sourcing tries to make things without hurting nature. It uses resources that can be renewed, reduces waste, saves energy, and lessens pollution. Doing this helps protect animals, plants, and natural stuff for the future.

  • Care for People:

Sustainable Sourcing thinks about the people who work to make and deliver products. It supports fair pay, safe working conditions, and good treatment for everyone involved. We can help create a more equitable world by buying from companies that do this.

  • Treat Workers Ethically:

Sustainable Sourcing ensures that products are made without child labor or forced labor. It also means giving workers reasonable working hours and following international work rules. When we buy things made this way, we support better conditions for workers worldwide.

  • Keep Businesses Strong:

Sustainable Sourcing can help companies stay strong and ready for changes. Businesses can handle challenges better by getting resources from different places, using less rare stuff, and being efficient.

  • Build a Good Reputation:

Companies that care about sustainability can have a good name and reputation. People like to buy from businesses that show they care about the environment and society.

  • Encourage Innovation:

Sustainable Sourcing makes companies think differently and find better ways to make and move things. This creativity can help them save money and work more smoothly.

  • Follow the Rules:

Many places have strict rules about how to treat the environment and people. Sustainable Sourcing helps companies follow these rules and avoid problems with the law.

  • Keep Resources for the Future:

Sustainable sourcing plans for the long term and doesn’t use up resources too quickly. This way, businesses can keep going, and nature stays healthy.

  • Earn Customer Loyalty:

People are becoming more aware of the impact of their purchases. When companies use sustainable Sourcing, they attract loyal customers who appreciate their efforts to do good.

  • Spread Positive Change:

Sustainable Sourcing doesn’t stop with one company; it influences suppliers too. Businesses choosing responsible partners help spread sustainable practices to more people involved in making products.

What are the different ways to do Sustainable Sourcing?

There are different ways to do Sustainable Sourcing:

  • Eco-friendly Sourcing:

Eco-friendly Sourcing is better for the environment, like using renewable energy, recycled materials, or products with eco-labels.

  • Fairtrade sourcing: 

Fairtrade Sourcing that people who produce things receive fair work payment, especially in poorer countries. It helps improve working conditions and supports farmers and workers.

  • Local Sourcing:

Getting things from nearby places reduces pollution from transportation and helps local economies. It also creates a closer connection between buyers and producers.

  • Ethical Sourcing:

Ethical Sourcing is buying from suppliers who follow good business practices, treat workers and animals well, and respect human rights.

  • Organic Sourcing:

Picking organic products means they were made without harmful chemicals or GMOs, which is better for the environment.

  • Certified Sourcing:

Choosing products with certifications like FSC or MSC ensures that natural resources are managed responsibly.

Final Wording:

Sustainable Sourcing is essential in today’s business world. It has many sound effects on the environment, society and making money in the long run. Businesses can make more money and become better known by using sustainable Sourcing. They need to learn how to do it properly and always try to get better at it. This way, they can help make the future more sustainable and stay competitive in the global market. Also, they will be doing good things for the environment, the economy, and society.

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