How To Create Interesting Content In A Painfully Boring Industry

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed to be working in exciting industries. Take me as a prime example. Sure, digital marketing is fairly exciting when the money starts rolling in, but on the whole, it’s not the most riveting of conversation starters.

So, the question is: how does one create interesting content in a painfully boring industry?

If you aren’t falling asleep as we speak, take a few moments to give this article a read and we’ll share some tips!

1. Tell a story

It doesn’t matter how boring the subject matter is if it’s coupled with an awesome story.

Case and point: Let’s say you sell aluminium ramps for trailers and you want to write content about how to use them safely without any risk of any injury or damage to property. Sounds awfully dull, right?


But, since you are trying to sell the importance of health & safety when using such equipment, why not share a horror story of what can happen if you don’t follow the appropriate protocols?

Obviously, you don’t want to be too vulgar and share any stories that result in serious injury or worse (everyone has a vivid enough imagination as it is), however, you can talk about ATV’s flipping over or tyres bursting as a result of poor planning.

Attach a story to your content and it doesn’t quite matter how boring the subject is. Get people engaged.

2. Make the topic visual

In the same way that you can use storytelling and good word-wrangling to make the topic more visual, you should also incorporate imagery wherever possible. If you can create infographics to help support your point, even better!

3. Know your topic inside and out

And of course, the more you know about the subject, the easier it will be to write about it. The key however, is to avoid the technical jargon and focus on how you can make it more accessible for those who aren’t so savvy with it.

4. Make the content relatable

When writing about SEO, I always go out of my way to use analogies that people can relate to. For example:

  • SEO is like fitness for your business.
  • Onsite optimization is like good housekeeping.
  • Quality link-building is essentially surrounding yourself with good people.

It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, there’s always something in life that you can compare it to. Master that, and you’ll have no trouble engaging your audience.

5. Appeal to a local audience where possible

Let’s say that you are trying to sell SEO in Singapore. What’s the best way to attract local businesses to your cause? Appeal to them by writing localised content that is most relevant to them.

While SEO is fundamentally the same no matter where on earth you are, businesses in the US and businesses in somewhere like Thailand for example will have a different perception / relationship with it.

6. Focus on the outcome

Finally, you should focus on the outcome. For example: children typically hate eating fruit and vegetables, but when you put emphasis on how big and strong they will grow when they do eat them, it usually wins them over.

So, if you are writing about how to set up an Etsy store, remind your readers of all the amazing benefits they can leverage when they successfully pull it off.

There has to be a reward for our endurance.

Conclusion: Be audacious

Want to stand out from the crowd? Be audacious in your writing. Yes, some subjects aren’t super exciting, but there is always a way to make something more interesting.

  • Tell stories
  • Use visuals
  • Know your subject
  • Be relatable
  • Appeal to local audiences
  • Focus on the outcome

Commit to the above, and no matter how snooze-worthy your industry, you should always be able to find a way to resonate with your perfect customer. 

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