Cole Luis DaSilva Shares 5 easy hacks to kickstart your day full of energy

Do you wake up in the morning and still feel like you could slip back into a deep slumber? Well, you’re not alone because millions of other people feel the same way. In fact, it’s common for most people to feel tired or lack energy when they wake up. Unfortunately, waking up drowsy or tired isn’t ideal because it’ll impact your productivity and efficiency throughout the day. Perhaps, you have an important meeting with a client at your office, of course you don’t want to be yawning during your pitch. Similarly, focusing on spreadsheets and documents can be difficult if your mind isn’t fully attentive. 

This is where Cole Luis DaSilva comes and saves the day. He’s a 28-year-old entrepreneur currently running three businesses, however, what qualifies him to share easy hacks to kickstart your day full of energy is his interesting life story and experiences. Everyone has their demons. For some people, these demons manifest earlier in their lives than others. Childhood trauma can often pose problems for people, even as they enter adulthood, and Cole’s story is similar. He grew up in rough circumstances – his family struggled to make ends meet, and emotional and physical abuse was rampant. As a result, he never felt close to his family and actively yearned to leave home. By the time he was 14 or 15, he decided to put his plans into action. He survived by couch surfing. But while he might have succeeded in leaving his family behind, he struggled to cope with his demons. 

As a result, he turned to a life of drinking and drugs. Eventually, he sought a fresh start after moving to Calgary, Alberta, when he was 20. He worked as an ironworker but couldn’t kick his addiction. Instead, things spiraled further as he developed a Percocet addiction, popping four to seven pills daily. He also accrued thousands of dollars in debt and separated himself from his loved ones. Finally, finding himself on the floor and looking rock bottom directly in the face, he knew he needed to change. Fortunately for Cole, embarking on a fitness journey would be his lifesaving moment. 

Today, Cole Luis DaSilva is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and bodybuilding specialist under the International Sports Sciences Association. In addition to owning an apparel brand – Amarok Aesthetics – he also owns a gym, Iron Energy, with his business partner, Brian Mark, in West Kelowna, British Columbia. Moreover, he’s revolutionizing the fitness industry with his third and most important venture, PT Domination. He’s also turned his life around, kicking his addictions and becoming a millionaire. 

The fitness expert shares some tips to help people kickstart their day and stay energetic throughout. His tips include: 

Wake up 30 Minutes Earlier

Waking up thirty minutes earlier can benefit you because it allows your brain to eliminate the cobwebs. After all, the brain gradually becomes more alert throughout the day. So waking up thirty minutes earlier gives it a headstart, making you feel fresher when you head to work.

Stay off Your Phone for the First Hour

Most people’s first instinct after waking up is to roll around and search for their phones. They’ll check their phone while still drowsy. But doing so can be extremely harmful to your body. Inundating your brain with information immediately after waking up causes the brain to move from the delta stage to the beta stage. Thus, you’re priming your brain for distractions throughout the day.

Write Down Ten Things You’re Grateful For in the Morning

Cole claims that writing down ten things you are grateful for after waking up helps you in different ways. “I feel it makes me more grateful for my life. Moreover, it motivates me to work harder to ensure I can live the life I want,” he shares and recommends everyone to do the same. 

List Ten Positive Affirmations About Yourself

According to the expert, listing a few positive affirmations can go a long way. “I like to write ten affirmations about myself. It’s my way of self-love and preps me for a good day ahead,” Cole Luis DaSilva reveals. 

Get Some Physical Activity

Not only does physical activity increase dopamine levels, but it also helps you feel more alert and concentrated throughout the day. In addition, exercising immediately after waking up has many benefits, including weight loss and quicker muscle building.

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