An Architect turned Trader at the Top of His Game – David Capablanca

Financial trading has become all the rage. Scroll through your social media feed, and you’ll find multiple advertisements and sponsorships by financial trading platforms. Browse through Spotify’s podcast selection, and you’ll see entire podcasts centered on financial trading. However, most of these influencers and podcasts don’t have the knowledge to help you succeed as a financial trader. That’s where David Capablanca enters the picture.

David Capablanca is an architect turned financial trader and the founder of The Friendly Bear Research YouTube channel and The Friendly Bear Podcast, available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Speaking about his transition from architecture to trading, David shared, “I’ve always been intrigued with markets. After graduating from UCLA, I was in a lot of student debt. The architecture field didn’t pay well enough, and it would take a few more years to become licensed after about seven years of schooling, which was overwhelming. I decided to educate myself in financial markets by signing up for courses and dedicating myself to mastering the craft, in the same way, I approached architecture school.” 

As someone who was always interested in financial markets, switching to trading made sense. David Capablanca knew he was particularly well-suited to transition to being a full-time trader because, during the learning process, he discovered that trading and architecture are very similar. They’re both art forms and sciences. Traders and architects have basic rules and fundamentals they must follow. However, they can always apply their unique twist to these rules and showcase their creativity for better results. 

The Friendly Bear Podcast is a weekly show that focuses on interviewing some of the best traders in the world from different niches. Listeners can take show insights and apply these nuggets of information to their own strategies. In addition to interviewing top traders from around the world, The Friendly Bear Podcast also features guests such as market insiders, professionals, and unique players in the trading space.

He got the idea to start a podcast about financial markets and trading from Jack Schwager. David states, “The idea behind the podcast was to interview the best traders in the world just as Jack Schwager interviewed traders with his books in the Market Wizards series. When I first moved to Puerto Rico in 2021, I was in a community of great traders and wanted to get to know their stories and learn from them. I then came up with the idea of the podcast and used my architecture and graphic skills for the graphic design work after coming up with the podcast name The Friendly Bear.” 

He further went on to share, “I have always short-sold as a strategy with stocks, so the bear name came from that. I included the adjective “friendly” to show that the bear is open to other strategies and conversations with other market players. The big picture of the podcast was also to give an outlet for the bear players of the market to have a voice since there is very little out there for the bear genre.” 

In addition to providing strategies and hosting conversations with other market players on his podcast, David also shares stories about his own success in the trading world. His strategy has been incredibly successful and relies on short-selling small-cap companies, a marked strategical departure from other financial traders. Most traders generally like to focus on large-cap or mid-cap stocks. However, David Capablanca has found a way to generate sizable profits from selling short-cap stocks. Check out his podcast and YouTube channel to learn more.  

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