Consider seeking legal representation for your worker’s compensation claim

Despite the talk about workplace safety, on-the-job injuries are not rare. Some sectors, including the construction industry, report most such mishaps. If you suffered an injury when you were at work, you need to consider filing a worker’s compensation claim. While the worker’s compensation system is designed to offer financial assistance to injured workers, not everyone who works for a company is covered. An excellent example of that would be independent contractors. Visit this page to get an overview of your rights as an injured worker. In this post, we are discussing the need for legal representation for your worker’s compensation claim.

The basics

The worker’s compensation system is not based on fault. If you were injured at the workplace, you don’t need to accuse your employer of fault to recover a settlement. However, the benefits are paid by the insurance company, which is unlikely to work in your favor. The claims adjuster may find several reasons to deny your claim, and besides the physical injuries, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured. It is also pertinent to understand that you cannot sue your employer in most circumstances.

An attorney can help

While the elements of personal injury and worker’s compensation claims are the same, there are several aspects that need attention. You may want to sit down with an attorney to know whether you qualify for the benefits. Also, in some cases, you may have an injury claim against a third party, and your lawyer can help you recover the best possible settlement. Ideally, you should contact a worker’s compensation lawyer as soon as you get injured, as you may be aware of your legal options.

The cost of hiring worker’s compensation lawyers

Most law firms offer free initial assessment for potential clients, which means you have the option of at least getting a review of your worker’s compensation claim. Also, you don’t need to pay an attorney until you recover the benefits. The lawyer receives a fixed share of the backpay benefits, but there is an upper limit to what they can charge. In other words, the cost of hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer is lower than hiring a personal injury attorney.

Don’t let the circumstances compel you to settle for any less than you deserve for your losses. Get an experienced attorney who is based in your city and specializes in handling worker’s compensation claims.

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