18 questions to ask your divorce attorney

Getting the right attorney can be a tedious task. You cannot make hasty decisions while you are hiring an advocate, it will ruin all your positive changes. To get the correct attorney, you need to meet in person with each one you have shortlisted. You need to ask them questions face to face so that you can understand how they will handle your case. But what are the questions that you need to ask? Here are a few questions framed by a West Bend divorce attorney that you must ask your lawyer. 

Questions to ask your lawyer

1. Are divorces the main focus of their practice or do they practice others as well? 

2. How long have they been practicing divorce cases?

3. What kind of strategy are they going to adopt in your case?

4. How long do they think your case will drag on?

5. What are their fees?

6. Will they provide their personal number?

7. How long will it take to return your calls?

8. Can you meet all the staff who will be working on your case?

9. What will be the total cost of the divorce?

10. What are the ways the cost of the case would minimize?

11. Will they negotiate with your spouse?

12. What would be the end result of your case depending on the current situation?

13. What will be the tax effects in the divorce process?

14. Can you see the customer testimonials?

15. Do they have client testimonials?

16. Have they dealt with a case like yours before?

17. Do they have the contact details of a good psychiatrist?

18. Does it help in other sectors of family law cases such as child custody, family abuses, etc?


These questions will help you understand a lawyer better and you will be making correct decisions. You must ensure a lawyer treats you in such a way that makes you feel comfortable. Your needs would be their top priority. 

If you are nervous about fighting a divorce case, it is quite normal. All your daunting feelings will go away as soon as you find a good lawyer. No matter how complicated your case might be, hiring a good lawyer will be the turning point of your case. A good lawyer is also compassionate, so they will help you gain mental stability too. 

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