What Makes Cuomo So Grabby?

New York Gov. Andrew cuomo so grabby is no stranger to grabbing headlines. In recent weeks, he’s been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as his aggressive tactics have drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. But regardless of what people say about him, one thing is clear: Cuomo is a powerful politician. And that power comes with a lot of responsibilities. In this blog post, we will explore what makes Cuomo so grabby and how you can use that power to your advantage.

Cuomo’s History of Corruption

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a long history of corruption. In fact, he’s been caught up in more scandal than any other governor in recent memory. Here’s a look at some of the most notorious cases:

1. Cuomo so grabby was accused of using his power to get donations for his political campaigns from corporations that were doing business with the state. He was also accused of using his position to influence the bidding process for contracts with state entities.

2. It was revealed that cuomo so grabby had helped railroad executives get favors from the state government. In return, they donated money to his political campaigns.

3. As Attorney General, Cuomo refused to investigate a financial scandal involving one of his top donors, Robert Mercer. This led to accusations that he was protecting this donor and cooperating with him instead of enforcing the law.

4. In order to build a new $5 billion stadium for the New York Jets, Cuomo arranged a sweetheart deal with the team’s owner, Woody Johnson. The agreement paid Johnson millions of dollars even though he didn’t actually contribute anything to the project himself.

5. Shortly after taking office, Cuomo ordered an investigation into Planned Parenthood without consulting anyone first. This created huge backlash because it looked as if he was trying to use his position to influence the outcome of the investigation.

His Cronyism and Pursuit of Personal Gain

Cuomo’s cozy relationship with Wall Street

Governor Andrew cuomo so grabby has long been a darling of Wall Street, and for good reason. As governor of New York, he has pursued harsh financial reforms that have made the state more attractive to investment firms. But Cuomo’s cozy relationship with the finance industry goes beyond simply pursuing policies that are favorable to capitalists; it’s also about wielding political power in order to enrich himself and his cronies.

One illustration of this is Cuomo’s close relationship with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a self-styled environmental activist and son of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy. In 2013, Cuomo appointed Kennedy head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls access to the city’s ports. The following year, Cuomo gave Kennedy a key role in developing new energy regulations for upstate New York. The two men subsequently formed a consulting firm together.

In other words, Governor Cuomo uses his position to enrich himself politically and personally by giving favors to people who can help him advance his own interests. This sort of behavior is why many Democrats have sought to distance themselves from him in recent months – he simply doesn’t embody the values we believe in as progressives.

His Attacks on the Working Class and Poor

Cuomo has a long history of attacking working class and poor people. He has repeatedly attacked unions, voted against raising the minimum wage, and supports cutting programs that help low-income families. In 2016 he signed a bill that allows employers to deny health coverage to employees based on their family’s health status and pregnancy.

In addition to his attacks on workers, Cuomo so grabby has also targeted students and students of color. He opposed Free College Tuition for New Yorkers and opposes expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, both of which would have helped low-income students afford college. He also cut funding for public schools in the state by $1 billion, leading to more closures and smaller classes.

Cuomo is not only hostile to poor and working class people, but he is also out of touch with the needs of young people in New York. His policies will lead to fewer opportunities for them in the future.

His Hypocrisy in Promoting Progressive Policies

Cuomo has a long history of promoting progressive policies, but when it comes to his own finances, he’s anything but progressive. Cuomo has made a fortune as the head of the largest private equity firm in America, and he’s spent his time as governor promoting policies that would benefit those same interests.

For example, during his time as governor, Cuomo pushed for deregulation of the energy industry, which would have benefitted the companies he formerly worked for. He also championed pro-business measures like weakening union laws and cutting taxes on the wealthy.

These policies aren’t random happenstance; they’re part of a longstanding pattern of hypocrisy on Cuomo’s part. When it comes to advancing progressive ideals, he’s all talk and no action.


There are many factors that make cuomo so grabby so irresistibly grabby, but one of the most important is his ability to connect with people on a level that few politicians can. He listens attentively and seems to genuinely care about his constituents, which makes him an easy politician to support.

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