Using Laser Sights For Handguns

Laser sights (LS) on different models of pistols are not something supernatural. They are common in economically developed countries and are in demand among users with different levels of training. If you are going to buy such a device for yourself, find out about all its design nuances, available models and how to use it effectively.

What is a laser sight?

Scopes are an indispensable addition to any weapon. They are available in different variations, each of which is suitable for certain purposes. However, when it comes to pistols, there is no better option than a laser. It is characterized by simplicity and efficiency, which captivates most users.

Devices of this type form a beam that is directed towards the target and indicates the place where the bullet hit on it. This does not take into account possible deviations arising from the lack of experience of the shooter and the influence of various environmental factors (for example, rain, snow, wind). However, even if they are affected, the accuracy of shooting will be at a high level. In most cases, lasers are effective at short to medium ranges. In such a situation, any external influences on the flying bullet will be minimal, and it will fly right on target.

Types of laser sights

Lasers used on handguns vary in design, shape, size, and method of attachment to the weapon. It is the latter classification that is considered by experts to be the most informative. It divides all available models into 4 groups.

Mounting options:

  • on a special rail;
  • on the pistol grip;
  • on a bracket;
  • in the inside of the case.

The first three options have been used in practice for a long time. The latter, however, appeared relatively recently. It is found exclusively on modern models of pistols produced by well-known manufacturers.

Why buy a laser?

LS is a useful, but not essential, addition to a pistol. It is installed on weapons mainly by people who doubt their ability to shoot accurately. Also, this device is used by professionals, but only in cases where you need to hit the target with one shot (for example, the detention of armed criminals).

Laser models should be bought for a number of good reasons. Firstly, they are relatively inexpensive, therefore, they will not empty your family budget. Secondly, these devices have a positive effect on the accuracy and accuracy of fire, and thirdly, lasers make it possible to aim even in case of insufficient lighting (for example, at dusk or after sunset).

Which laser is right for me?

Laser sights are chosen depending on many factors and taking into account several important criteria. In this process, you need to show all your scrupulousness and patience. Only in this case it will be possible to consider all available models and find the best option.

Basic selection criteria:

  • fastening option;
  • beam color;
  • speed of activation;
  • size and weight;
  • ability to withstand the effects of environmental factors;
  • additional functions (for example, correction of the beam direction depending on the wind speed, distance to the target);
  • price category;
  • fame of the manufacturer;
  • number of positive reviews.

The pros & cons of laser sights

To learn a lot about LS, you should carefully study their advantages and disadvantages. There are much more pluses than minuses. In this regard, devices of this type are popular and receive many good reviews from users.

Main advantages:

  1. Simplicity. She accompanies laser sights in everything. Ease of operation is added by ease of setup and lack of maintenance problems. Thanks to these qualities, the devices are perfect even for beginners.
  2. Ease of aiming. It’s hard to shoot accurately with a pistol. Because of this, only real professionals are rarely able to make mistakes. However, the presence of a laser sight eliminates this disadvantage. With its help, it is possible to quickly point the weapon at the target and get confidence that the fired bullet will fly to the right place.
  3. Small size and weight. Models designed for pistols are always compact and relatively light in weight. This feature avoids the overweight of the weapon, which creates discomfort for the user while aiming and shooting at the target. Another positive point, which is affected by the minimum size and weight, is the ease of transporting the weapon and the absence of problems with its long-term wearing.
  4. Durability. Sights produced today work reliably for a long period. They rarely break and are great for use in all weather conditions. Also, the devices always have a durable case that protects them from mechanical influences.

Important disadvantages:

  1. Visibility. The laser beam fired by the scope reaches the target, indicating the approximate location of the bullet’s impact. It is clearly visible to the owner of the weapon and to everyone around him. This leads to unmasking and gives the enemy a chance to shoot earlier or hide from the shooter’s eyes. If such a device is used for hunting, then at any moment the beam can become noticeable to animals that will be frightened of it and hide in dense thickets.
  2. Insufficient efficiency in the sun. Most models are ineffective during the daytime. In bright sunlight, the laser becomes hardly noticeable, so the user has to wait for the clouds to appear or start looking for a universal sight.

Laser sight uses

Pistols with LS are a popular type of weapon. It is used everywhere to perform simple and complex tasks.

Application options:

  1. Fulfillment of combat missions. Laser pistols are used by the military as an additional piece of equipment. With its help, they perform the assigned tasks in cases where it is not possible to use larger and more accurate weapons.
  2. Law enforcement. Laser sights on pistols are often found on police officers. With their help, they are engaged in law enforcement and detain criminals.
  3. Security measures. Lasers can come in handy during the protection of various objects. Most often, pistols with such an addition are used by security guards of financial institutions, warehouses with products and high-security facilities.
  4. Self-defense. Pistols equipped with a laser sight will be a good weapon for self-defense and protection of your property. With their very appearance, they can frighten the criminal and force him to abandon his plans.
  5. Hunting. Laser sights on pistols are sometimes used by hunters. This weapon allows you to accurately shoot even a small fowl from short to medium distances.

Red vs green sights

Among the many criteria for choosing a pistol sight, the most important is the color of the laser beam. In all manufactured models, it can have a green or red tint. The latter is considered a classic option, which experienced shooters are accustomed to. Red beam scopes stand out for their affordable price, making them a good option for people on a tight budget. Among other advantages of classic models, there is a wide range of operating temperatures (can be used in the cold and hot seasons) and proper operation over a long period. The downside of the “red” models is the lack of visibility in daylight (the beam can only be detected at a distance of up to three tens of meters).

Relatively recently, models with a green beam have appeared. They are an alternative to the “red” devices, as they provide excellent visibility during the daytime. Thanks to this, you can safely use it in sunny areas. The disadvantages of “green” models are a higher price, a shortened operating temperature range.

Today, no one is surprised by a pistol to which a laser sight is attached. This combination is popular and is actively exploited by many civilians, as well as some categories of the military. It improves shooting accuracy and reduces the likelihood of hitting an unplanned target. When buying such a device for your pistol, be sure to read the information available. It will become the basis for the correct selection of the optimal model that can fully meet your needs.

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