What Can You Learn from Tekla Structures Online Courses?

In this course, you will learn by demonstrating how to get the program and utilise it for educational purposes. Additionally, you will learn more about how to obtain templates to utilise them to produce consistent profiles for upcoming projects. On the other hand, you will gain more knowledge on how to model structural components and lead you through the fundamentals of utilising Tekla, covering in-depth how to strengthen steel and metal connectors as a bonus.

Tekla structures are the most powerful structural BIM software for bridge design courses. The software is used to construct buildings made of glass, steel, concrete, wood, and other materials. 

Students get to study designing, management, and how to build 3D structural models in steel or concrete with the help of CAD DESK’s online training curriculum. Students can even take part in internships, and the business also funds their work on several projects throughout the semester; giving the best coaching is the primary goal of online training.

Tekla Structures makes modelling easier, processing faster and more securely, allowing for real-time data sharing and boosting productivity. The software can create, combine, organise, and distribute precise multi-material 3D models with thorough construction information.

If you are interested in the Tekla structures online course, numerous bridge engineering resources are available. 

In the course, various topics are going to be covered –

  1. Introduction to the Tekla Structures
  2. In-depth knowledge of TEKLA BIM (Building information modelling)
  3. The generation of Model Geometry 
  4. Reporting and planning
  5. Knowing how to add roofs, foundations, beams, columns, etc
  6. Knowing how to strengthen the models and make general arrangements in drawings.
  7. Knowing how to set the project information
  8. Realistic drawing and modelling.
  9. Properties of the drawings

How will you obtain your certificate?

Most industries in India and worldwide hold CAD DESK’s certification, a discoverer in CAD/CAM/CAE training with high respect. CAD DESK Certificates are validated compared to other local businesses, improving their reputation and offering students preference when applying for job openings in the industry. The highly qualified teachers delivering the CAD DESK online software training help students build their skill set by emphasising project-based learning heavily.  

After successfully finishing the course, students can access their dashboards to access their certificates, which are fully authorised and secured.

The Tekla structural online course has enormous benefits, such as:

  1. Your total potential gets manageable-.

Tekla technology opens up new possibilities for the construction industry. Tekla Structures is the first cutting-edge, intelligent 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool that offers a precise, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment. In a single context, the Tekla model houses all the data necessary for conceptual design, detailed design, and manufacturing.

  1.   Discover new opportunities-

Tekla education and certification are a valuable and significant benefit for structural engineers, concrete detailing designers and manufacturers, steel detailing designers and manufacturers, BIM specialists and contractors. In addition, the Tekla certification helps you advance your skills, knowledge, and reputation.

  1. Become more knowledgeable-

As you start your Tekla-certified journey, you’ll recognise and comprehend the complexity of using Tekla Structures by learning to model with both traditional and cutting-edge tools.


So, are you ready to get enrolled in this course? If yes, then keep this blog handy for further assistance.

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