Honor Magicwatch 2

It might be very difficult to choose the best smart watch because there are so many options accessible on the Android operating system. The best smart watches now on the market come from Samsung, HONOR, and Amazfit (as far as we reviewed). Why? These watches are well optimized to work on all Android smart phones and offer all the typical smart watch and fitness features.


  1. Be brave. Up Iron.

316L stainless steel

The shell of the magicwatch 2 is made of polished 316L stainless steel, which is often used in the aerospace industry since it has a high strength to weight ratio and is less likely to nick and scratch with regular use.

  1. Time in Brief

Continuous Display

You may quickly see the time on the always-on AMOLED display without waiting for the screen to get brighter.

  1. A Personalized Watch Face

            Individual watch faces

Magicwatch 2 may display your own unique touch with your images in addition to just reporting the time.

You can save many images in it, so a different photo will display each time you raise your wrist.

  1. Ultimate Health & Workout Guru

15 Fitness Modes with Goals

On your journey to achieving your goals, remain motivated. Voiceover guidance3 is available in the Magic Watch 2 exercise modes for in-the-moment useful suggestions. For a better night’s sleep, take a break in the evening and use the breathing app to relax your thoughts for one minute.

  1. A SpO2 monitor worn on the wrist

With the help of the SpO2 Monitor11 in the honor Magicwatch 2, you can monitor how well your body is adjusting to exercise or high altitudes.

About the product

  • Dual satellite location systems are only compatible with select number outdoor activities.
  • Only Voiceover instructions in English and Mandarin are available. Accessibility varies between markets and regions.
  • When swimming, leather or metal straps should not be worn. The speed of the water and swimming style are just two of the many factors that could influence heart rate when swimming. The measured data should only be used as a general reference.
  • Based on ISO standard 22810:2010, the watch has a 50m water resistance rating, allowing for use while swimming, washing hands, etc. After spending a considerable amount of time in saltwater, immediately rinse the band with fresh water, and then pat it dry.
  • To receive and respond to calls with Magic Watch 2, you must maintain a Bluetooth connection with your honor magicwatch 2.
  • Only the Magic Watch 2 46mm has a speaker and microphone built in.
  • It’s necessary to have an Android smart phone that supports Music version 12.11.7.X or higher for availability, which varies by area. The mp3 and LC-AAC audio formats are supported. IOS does not support this functionality. The Magic Watch 2 has 4GB of internal storage overall. Storage for offline music is limited to 2GB.
  • The SpO2 Monitor is available in different markets and geographical areas. The SpO2 Monitor is not intended to be a medical device and cannot be used to identify, treat, prevent, or cure any illness. Only use the measurements and data for your own personal reference. This feature will be available via OTA later.


The honor Magic Watch 2 is a stylish, useful watch that lasts for weeks and performs the necessary measurements with only a few extra features.

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