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If you pose this question before the crypto experts, the answer is unlikely no. Despite you giving the reasons like Bitcoin is crashing down, the price is going all-time low, yet the experts will not agree that it will lose its first position against ETH, the second most popular digital coin in the financial world. Billionaire investors like Stan Druckenmiller, a big name in the crypto world, also believe that it is unlikely to see Bitcoin losing the game before its rival currency – Ethereum. You shall see many things happening in the US market. These include the FR policies challenging the current status and other issues. But the bottom line comes from this debate: sooner or later, Bitcoin will replace fiat currencies like USD. The policymakers may dislike the coin, but now they have reasons to celebrate as they also support Bitcoin. Click here to know more about the metaverse where they fulfill their promises.

Understanding ETH and other cryptos 

When you compare these two digital currencies, they have different stories to tell the world. We may find ETH growing faster and more consistently, yet it’s far away from Bitcoin when we look at the value of the two. On the flip side, we have several instances of investors making huge money by investing in Bitcoin. One prominent example is Stanley Druckenmiller, who gained massive cash by taking a plunge into the Bitcoin world. Around two years, he made the news for the first time in the crypto world before announcing that he had bought Bitcoin. He openly supported Bitcoin investment and claimed it was better than investing in yellow metals like gold. He stated that Bitcoin is thinner, more liquid than any currency, and has beta.  

However, he is not bullish on ETH. He supports ETH but is very clear in his views about this currency. He says that Bitcoin can be at an all-time low, but it tends to bounce back in the coming future. Also, you can find many experts and trade analysts who feel that Bitcoin is here to rule the crypto world, and it can even surpass the 100K USD mark soon. Some even predicted that Bitcoin would reach 100K USD by the end of this year. We very well remember that Bitcoin touched 70K USD last November; hence it is needless to say that it will return with its sheen. Also, if you look at how Bitcoin performed, it is very natural to see this currency witnessing a rise and fall in the market. You now have to wait for this cycle to turn around. 

ETH will also beat the USD 

Further, we saw Druckenmiller talking about the fiat currency – the USD. He claimed that despite all the US Dollar’s potential and power in the global market, it would lose against Bitcoin. USD will not replace even the crypto-linked ledger system as some kids in MIT or Stanford would ever claim. However, the contender will undoubtedly beat other cryptos but not Bitcoin. He said it is tough for any coin, particularly ETH, to replace Bitcoin. Thanks to the higher store of value as seen with the currency. We see many more brands are now coming close to BTC. More than 14 top global brands have come forward to accept Bitcoin in a big way to exchange their goods and services. You can make out the power of Bitcoin in the market. Druckenmiller and another billionaire Mark Cuban also have similar views on Bitcoin. He was adamant when he said ETH has limited spheres compared to Bitcoin. So, forget about USD; it will not compete with cryptos like Bitcoin. USD will not compete with BTC due to issues like inflation and other problems we see with fiat currency. 

Wrapping up 

If you look at experts’ views, Bitcoin will win the race by becoming the ultimate winner. It would help if you had to add the number growing in the market and thus see it winning. ETH or any other coin will not be able to compete with Bitcoin. Likewise, fiat currencies like USD or Euro will not compete with it, so it is fair to say that Bitcoin is the real winner in the crypto market.

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