Golden Rashi Bhavishya

If you are interested in finding out about your horoscope, you can check it out with Golden Rashi Bhavishya. You can check out your divs and kundlis based on the time and date of your birth. However, you should be aware of a few things before using this service. In addition to that, you must be at least 18 years of age. Moreover, you cannot use this service if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Golden Rashi Bhavishya does not guarantee accuracy of time of birth.


A person with a golden rashi bhavishya has an affinity for the planet Saturn. The divs of this rashi correspond to a person’s zodiac sign. The Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon are also the divs of Saturn. The rashi bhavishya divs are explained below. These divs are the most powerful and are the foundations of a strong, successful life.

Users of Golden Rashi Bhavishya should be over the age of 18 years old. These consultants do not accept any responsibility for the horoscopes created. They are also unable to verify the time of birth. India Net Consultants reserves the right to change their terms of service at any time. Changes take effect immediately for new users. While we strive to provide accurate information, we are not liable for any error.

Horoscopes based on time and date of birth

The ascendant is the easternmost point of the horoscope, the point where the ecliptic crosses the horizon at sunrise. The ascendant is also the cusp of the 1st house, the midheaven the cusp of the 10th house and the point in the west diametrically opposite the ascendant is called the descendant. It is the point on the ecliptic furthest above the plane of the horizon, and the planetary ruler of the ascendant is the Sun.

While the use of horoscopes is not completely ruled out, scientists have questioned the accuracy of their predictions. The methods used to make astrological predictions are largely pseudo-scientific and do not support the alleged influence of the stars at the time of birth. Furthermore, scientific studies require a control group, and proper blinding between the subject and the experimenter.

The exact time and date of birth are crucial for astrological analysis. The astrologer must calculate the rising signs of a person’s ascendant. Using a calendar, it is possible to calculate the times at which sunrise and sunset occur. The signs are also associated with the time of their rising. Hence, a golden rashi bhavishya chart will indicate the times at which an individual is most fortunate.

Leo is the sign of a person’s heart, spinal column, and spinal marrow nerves. It also rules over the spine, interspinal muscles, and the heart. While Leo is generally good health for Leos, its negative characteristics include being overly fearful and emotionally hardened. The ascendant, however, is prone to rheumatic fever.

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