Top Benefits of Creating a Mobile Application

Nowadays, there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users all over the globe. That is close to around 50% of the population of our planet and this number is simply going to increase in the upcoming years. Smartphones have certainly turned into an integral part of our lives. Through apps and the internet, they keep us connected to the remainder of the world – in any event, when we’re at a remote location away from our personal PCs.

If you’re a business owner, a mobile app is the best means to remain connected with your users. Your competitors are as of now harnessing the force of mobile apps to engage with their users. Here are top 8 benefits of creating a mobile app for your business:

Here are Top Benefits of Creating a Mobile Application

Understand Your Users

Having a mobile application enables you to understand very well your users better than anything else. At the point when users are on their smartphones, you can find out about their preferences, disdains, shopping patterns and considerably more. When you understand your ideal users and their way of behaving, you can make exceptionally designated marketing efforts that will yield most extreme outcomes. Knowing your users will assist you with creating products and services customized to their necessities. That is not all, it likewise allows you to convey a personalized user experience. At last, this means more business and happier customers.

Remain Accessible 24×7

21% of millennials say they open their apps in excess of 50 times each day. Truth be told, 84% of children of post war America open apps 1-20 times per day. This means users are bound to interact with you through apps as compared to a website.

Not just mobile apps are effectively accessible, they are not difficult to work with and offer a seamless experience. Your users will actually want to interact with your app even from remote locations where it isn’t generally feasible to convey a personal PC. While most apps require an internet connection, there are apps which can work in any event, when offline. Accordingly, with apps, you can go with your users any place they go.

Mobile Apps are More Reliable

57% of online consumers will leave a site in the event that they need to wait three seconds for a page to load. What’s scarier is that 80% of those consumers will stay away forever! Slow loading websites cost retailers more than $2 billion in lost sales every year. That is a staggering number! Websites can go such a long way in delivering better performance.

On the contrary mobile apps can load faster and offer a steady user experience all over. Additionally, in some cases, apps can likewise be accessed offline. Along these lines, they are more solid than websites. Importantly, you can consider developing a mobile app from the right mobile app development company in India

Boost Trust & Customer Loyalty

Customers are bound to trust a business which has a mobile app on its name. You can increase client steadfastness by offering exclusive app-just advantages and offers to your customers. This won’t just increase their time spent on the app yet in addition contribute positively to your general incomes.

Organizations like Amazon and eBay are effectively harnessing their apps to draw in additional users and retain them on a longer path through strategic dependability programs.

Maximize Conversions

A popular examination by Criteo reveals that individuals view 4.2x more products per meeting within apps, compared to mobile sites. That is not all. Mobile Applications can increase the conversion rates by 3x as compared to sites.

Mobile apps are obviously better than a website. Can we just be real for a moment? Filling out login credentials from time to time is something we as a whole disdain. On an average, we visit around 138 site pages. Having said that, it’s not difficult to fail to remember the password or email of your record associated with a particular website. Furthermore, resetting the password just compounds the situation. Then again, with mobile apps, you need to sign in just a single time after which you can use it as long as you need. In this way, assuming that you believe your users should return to you frequently – mobile apps are the best means to do so.

Boost Customer Engagement

With mobile applications, you can send dynamic push notifications in order to bring your customers back to the mobile application. According to a popular exploration by Localytics, customized push notifications emphatically affect engagement, open-rate, and conversion rate.

Another exploration by Blueshift reveals that mobile push notifications that are sent in view of a user’s way of behaving — drive 2,770% higher conversion rates as compared to clump notifications. That is because users are bound to follow up on personalized offers, updates, and information.

Deliver Immersive UX

By harnessing every one of the in-constructed features of a smartphone, you can convey a vivid user experience through a mobile app. Moreover, you can utilize everything from camera to GPS, & bluetooth. These features can significantly work on your user’s experience.

For instance, on the off chance that you’re creating an eCommerce app; you can saddle the AR and VR features of a smartphone to permit your customers to attempt a product prior to purchasing it practically. You can likewise use a fingerprint sensor to permit customers to rapidly login to their accounts. That is not all. There are such countless different features (like NFC, accelerometer, gyro meter, compass and so on) that can be used for a hundred distinct purposes. Possibilities are endless. It really depends on you how far you can go.

Minimize Costs & Maximize Productivity

You didn’t see that coming. Did you? As surprising as it might sound, apps have been accounted for to increase productivity somewhere in the range of 34% and 40%. That is not all, it can likewise save you a huge number of dollars in marketing spending plans. That is because mobile app advertising is comparatively less expensive compared to online advertising.

Additionally, you can likewise procure through in-app buys and by introducing ads to your mobile app. They don’t need to be of some other company, services, or brand. You can add adverts of your own products, new send-offs, or simply updates about your promotions. Additionally, consider connecting with app development India in order to develop a mobile app for your business at an affordable rate. 

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