An Ultimate Guide To Host Virtual Event In Singapore

As you know, the pandemic brought most industries to a screeching halt, so during that time, major events were postponed or canceled. In Singapore and various parts of the globe physical gatherings were outlawed. And that was the time, when industries started to become attracted to virtual platforms for conducting events.

Sooner the virtual event Singapore became popular in the event industry. These events can be conducted online as well as in-person. As per the requirements and preferences people attended events via webinars and in-personally. 

Well, this article will explore the drastic changes that virtual programs have made. Also, we have shared the best tips for organizing a virtual event.

Virtual Events Transforming The Event Industry 

Earlier virtual events were an alternative to avoid social gatherings. But with time, it became the most preferred style that brands and customers love. 

According to facts, the global events industry size was valued at $1,100 billion in 2018, which is expected to grow 10.3% and reach $2,330 billion by 2026.

Undoubtedly, virtual programs are a great bet. These events are powerful as physical events and provide flexibility to your audience to join from anywhere.

It allows you to:

  • Generate high revenue for transforming a business
  • Helps to focus on the important fields
  • Enable connection with potential clients and partners.

Tips For Hosting A Virtual Event In Singapore

1. Event Goals

To organize a virtual event in Singapore start with a quick review of your idea. It includes; the structure, types of content you will use, your target audience, and the main aim of an event ( sales, promotion, lead generation, or any other).

The event goal is to know the foundation of an event and the reasons participants are attending it.

Now, to know your audience better, ask them what type of content they like, are they comfortable with the virtual program, and more. These queries will help you out in getting the best results from an event.

Remember, if it’s a virtual program, then shorter is better. It’s easier to spend the entire day in the event venue and enjoy it. But it is not easy to sit in front of your computer or mobile screen for a whole day. 

So, if your event has a long duration, spread it over a few days, and divide it into different sections and days. Both the audiences are important, that is why you have to consider their ease. 

2. Hire The Event Management Professionals  

Nowadays, businesses prefer hiring professionals to organize events instead of asking their employees. Fortunately, you have a great option to select a virtual event company in Singapore to become stress-free. 

There are some essential factors an event management organization must have.

  • Experienced staff for events: They should be equipped with an experienced staff to help clients.
  • Flexibility: Make sure a company should be able to help you in the ongoing event as well as before an event.
  • Knowledgeable: The team of the event management company should be knowledgeable. They must have experience of conducting the same event in the past. Later moderation, event production, accessibility, technical assistance, and more help is needed.
  • Accountability: It includes recognizing mistakes and correcting the errors by the time.
  • Customer experience: Before choosing one, check whether the company is good with its clients or not. You can find it on the website page or on Google reviews.
  • Professional team: To engage more and more audiences, the company must follow a professional way. Furthermore, their staff has to look and behave like a mature professional team.

3. Platform For Event 

Same as selecting a venue, it’s important to decide which platform will be suitable for running an event online. 

So, an event platform is a medium from which your audience engages, interacts with each other, and gets content. Also, choosing the right platform allows you to focus on making the virtual program more successful.

There are many platforms tp conduct streaming of a virtual program. If you are organizing a corporate event Singapore it includes some major platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Also, the virtual event company you have hired can guide you regarding the best platform for streaming events.

4. Marketing of An Event

Don’t create surprises regarding your virtual program! Your audiences must stay updated. Make consistent and effective communication with your audience. And tell the participants about the opportunity to join via link.  

You can send an email, marketing of events on social media, on your website, and use other ways to announce your virtual programs. Don’t forget to add necessary details like the date of the event, time, guest name, hostname, and others.

5. Present Unique Ideas 

You might have seen that usually, the virtual event in Singapore consists of the same content such as; video conferences, webinars, live streams, and live chats/polls. So, to make your event unique, add some out-of-the-box content ideas. It includes showing recent case studies on a particular topic, conducting a brainstorming session, and other interesting ideas.

No matter whether it’s an in-person audience or virtual, the initiative of uniqueness will allow your participants to enjoy discussions. You can also add some fun elements but with decency and professionalism. 

Consider both the audience and then share the ideas with your team. If your staff like and approve it, then go forward to work on it. 

6. Engage Participants 

Approximately 63% of consumers expect personalization as a standard. And virtual programs can help to fulfill their needs. 

As you know, engaging the participants in an event is a challenging task, but conducting the virtual program can help you out.   

You can take feedback from participants before an event, understand their needs, and ask them to share their likes and dislikes.

Final Words

Well, if you are conducting an event, then try for virtual.

It would be a win-and-win bet!

Remember, following the tips listed above will help you out in creating a memorable virtual program. Moreover, finding the right type of virtual event company would be best to generate more revenue from an event. Their experts will help you out in organizing a successful program. 

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