Indian Visa Application Online for Singapore and Chilean citizens

Globally, there are only a few countries that will make a lasting impression on travelers, and India is definitely one of them. Maharaja, the country has a rich history from the Mughals to independence from the British. All of which has left a mark on diverse cultures within the country. Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his wife, not to mention the Taj Mahal, considered one of the most famous monuments in the world. You can also find some of the most delicious, exotic cuisine in India. You will find different foods all over the country. The north has moderately spicy, thick vegetables with other dishes such as tandoori chicken which has both Mughal and Persian influences. 

Do Singaporeans need a visa for India?

No matter which way you decide to go, whether by flight or by car, Singaporeans need a visa to enter India. The Indian Embassy confirms that thanks to the e-VISA system, the visa process for Singaporeans is smooth and fast. The system allows the entire process of applying for an Indian visa for Singaporeans online. Typically, within 2 business days of submitting a visa application, applicants will receive a response from the embassy regarding their visa. The document acts like a visa stamped in your passport. Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens

As it usually takes 2 working days for Singapore nationals to get Indian tourist visa approval, it is advisable to apply at least 4 days before your flight. The eVisa system can also be requested for small business and medical travel. The maximum duration of stay in India is 90 days. Visas cannot be extended or otherwise changed. With an E VISA, you can get to and from 24 specific airports, including major cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Once an EVISA is granted, Singaporeans have 120 days to travel to India. You must carry the document with you at all times while in the country.

complete the Indian e-Visa Application

Indian visa for Chilean citizens has been available in the electronic application form since 2014. This is an online Indian visa application process that requires no paper-based formalities to be completed by Chileans. This process is officially supported by the Government of India under the e-VISA India regime and is accessible on this website.

India e-Visa is the official document allowing Chileans and citizens to enter and travel in India for tourism, travel industry, clinical visits, conferences, yoga, courses, workshops, contracts and exchanges, humanitarian endeavors, and other business. Adventure in this new system of Indian e-Visa.

Indian visas from Chile can be collected online and applicants can pay using any one of the 135 currencies including the Chilean Peso or Debit / Credit / PayPal.

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