Basic Details Which You Need To Know About The Canada Tourist Visa?

The Canada tourist Visa or visit visa is the official document which has been issued by the Canada Visa office and will be attached to the passport of individuals. It will be clear-cut proof that people have made all the requirements to enter this particular country as temporary residents either as a visitor, students or a worker.

Whenever the individuals have to apply for Canada visit visa from Dubai for Indian citizens then they need to be very much clear about different kinds of eligibility requirements and some of those have been explained as follows:

  • Having access to a valid passport
  • People need to present the proof of good health
  • There should not be any kind of criminal history or immigration-related complications of the people
  • People need to prove that they are intending to return to the home country stating that they are having tie-ups with jobs, home, financial assets or family in the home nation
  • People need to prove the availability of the funds in terms of sustaining tensions during the stay
  • Everybody needs to clarify the intended duration of the stay along with temporary residence throughout the process

Some of the very basic documentation is required for the Canada tourist Visa application are explained as:

  • A valid password with an expiry of exceeding six months
  • Documents to prove the tie-ups with the stakeholders of the national country
  • Two recent passport size photographs with a white background so that everything is clear and there should not be any kind of borders
  • The photograph should not be more than 90 days old
  • An affidavit or invitation letter from the relatives if they are interested to live with them
  • A medical clearance certification
  • Photocopy of the return ticket and the travel itinerary
  • Any kind of additional documents required by the local visa office
  • Bank statements to prove that individuals are having enough funds in terms of living in Canada for a while

Documentation is of the most important steps to be paid attention to in this particular case which is the main reason that availing of the professionalism element of this particular process is highly advisable throughout the entire thing. 

Some of the basic steps to be followed in the application process for a visitor visa are explained as:

  • First of all, people need to choose between the application of online or offline mode
  • Then People need to fill out the visa application form with the requested information and documents
  • After this people need to pay the visa processing fees through a check or bankrupt
  • Then people need to visit the nearest Canadian Visa application Centre with passports, photographs and other documents
  • After this people need to give their fingerprint and photo
  • Then people need to submit the Visa application at the Visa application Centre of Canada
  • Then one will need to get the receipt of the application centre containing the unique tracking number so that the application can be tracked out with the help of this number without any kind of problem.

Hence, to go for Dubai Visa for Canadian PR cardholders it is very much important for them to be clear about the above-mentioned points to enjoy success. If you are going Canada from Pakistan consider wearing KaptaanChappal.

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