4 Video Editing Tips For Better Social Media Content

Want to impress your social media fans with crisp and engaging video content?

We live in an era where social media use is becoming increasingly common among people of all age groups. With internet penetration on the rise, social media users are expected to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025. Such stats are nothing less than a boon for marketers raring to go viral on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. But the biggest pitfall of social media is that it is already flooded with millions of videos.

The abundance of video content on social media has resulted in stringent competition. Creating high-grade visual content is the best way to surpass competitors. When people could not make quality social media videos without costly equipment and software, the situation changed completely, and all credit went to technological developments.

You can make online videos from scratch without any prior expertise, provided you are dedicated enough. You must have your laptop and a working broadband connection to get rolling. See to your marketing goals. This blog post is sure to come to your rescue. Let us run through 4 smart editing tips to help you make better video content for social media.

1. Leverage a user-friendly video editor

When crafting social media video content, you should begin your journey by choosing a user-friendly video editing tool. Many good web-based editors allow creators to make videos online within minutes. You can take your pick from more than 5000+ social media marketing video templates. Modern web-based video editors stock a wide range of free effects and transitions using which you can give the necessary finishing touches to your videos.

Since silence can seem a little awkward, you must set the mood for your videos with the right choice of background music. You can either add an entire song or an instrumental that resonates well with your brand tone. If you plan to add voice overs to your marketing videos, your audio should be perfectly clear. Consider using an external mic for recording audio as this will help keep environmental noises at bay.

2. Cut down the length of your videos

Scientists worldwide agree that human attention spans have drastically reduced over time. This is why you must cut out boring parts from your videos. Instead of beating around the bush, you must get straight to the point to avoid evoking boredom in your audience. The first few seconds of a clip are more than enough for viewers to decide whether a video is worth watching or not. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the video length requirements of different social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Adhere to the length limits prescribed by different platforms and keep your videos short to hook viewers’ attention. While lengthy videos may allow you to deliver huge amounts of information, they can cause engagement levels to slump substantially. Your best bet would be to make short and sweet videos, especially if you want to maintain viewer engagement.

3. Use closed captions to aid comprehension in viewers

Using closed captions is another great way to grab the attention of viewers. It has often been seen that people click away from videos that lack captions. Closed captions can help hearing-impaired audiences understand your content. Besides benefiting people with hearing disabilities, closed captions can prove useful for viewers who are used to watching videos without the sound on.

Videos that are enriched with closed captions are more likely to get indexed by leading search engines like Google. There are many free online tools that you can leverage to add captions to your social media marketing videos.

4. Add impactful CTAs to your videos

Failing to recognize the power of call-to-actions is the biggest mistake that most newbie marketers make. Using persuasive CTAs in videos is one of the best ways to prompt your social media fans to take the desired action. You must use smart and emotionally convincing words in your CTAs to make them impactful. CTAs that are nicely crafted can move prospective customers through the sales funnel faster than expected.

Final Words

Now that almost every individual is a smartphone user, it is no wonder why social media videos are getting so popular. Marketers around the globe are tapping into the potential of videos to reach out to the masses effectively. Be it a small TikTok clip, a product tutorial or explainer videos. Video content is bound to perform well on social media sites. Unlike text and pictures, social media videos are more likely to be shared online. When crafted with thoughtfulness and diligence, marketing videos can go a long way in turbocharging brand sales.

Apart from boosting sales, marketing videos can even uplift the reputation of your business to a great extent. The improved reputation can, in turn, improve ROI and attract more prospects to your brand. However, you must harness the best video making technology while creating content for social media. Focus on creating unique and exciting video content will instantly give you a clear edge over other brands.

Also, make sure you optimise your social media videos with SEO best practices to get noticed amid the fierce competition online. And don’t sit still after sharing your marketing videos online. Measure the performance of your videos after they go live on the internet. You can study important metrics like view count, likes and comments to see how your video performs on different social media sites. Look for inefficiencies in your video content and make the necessary tweaks to better cater to your target audience.

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