Why Do Houses Need Solar Panels?

Australia is a country covering an entire continent, and deserts cover one-third of Australia. The nation has abundant sunshine and a dry climate throughout the year. It also has the highest solar radiation per square metre. These conditions are ideal for generating solar energy. It is common to find rooftop solar panels in Australia, and most houses generate and consume electricity from the panels installed on their roofs.

Solar panels require less maintenance and last for years. Electricity generated from the panels depends on the sunlight available on the rooftops. Efficient solar panels convert 20% of sunlight into electricity. Australians can benefit from using solar panels to generate electricity because the electricity tariff in Australia is high compared to other countries.

What are solar panels?

Solar panels, made of photovoltaic cells, convert light energy into electricity. They generate a direct current that passes through a converter and becomes an alternating current. The panels are made from silicon sheets and don’t create noise while generating electricity. They are safe and do not emit any fumes or toxins. On a sunny day, when the sunlight is strong, they produce more electricity. Solar panels function well in summer and become less efficient when the temperature decreases. Solar panels are best for places that receive abundant sunshine throughout the year.

Benefits of installing solar panels

Clean energy

Solar energy doesn’t affect the environment, doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, and solar panels do not create noise pollution while generating energy. Homeowners can sell unused electricity from the solar panels to the grid. Solar energy is generated from any place which gets good sunshine.

Unobstructed power supply

Solar energy is helpful in remote areas where power outages are high and there is no access to any other source of electricity. Electricity is lost when it is transported from one location to another. Solar panels are installed on the roofs, reducing the loss of electricity.

Easy maintenance

Solar panels don’t have moving parts and require less maintenance. Once installed, they generate electricity for 15 to 20 years and reduce the electricity bill significantly. The panels need to be cleaned once in a few years, and they continue to generate energy. They come with a warranty for 10 to 15 years. However, electrical inspections need to be done periodically.

Boosts property value

Houses with rooftop solar panels have higher property value. Most people are ready to pay more for a solar-powered home. The Australian government offers incentives to homeowners prepared to install solar panels. The government wants people to reduce greenhouse gases emission and encourage power generation from renewable sources.

Saves money

Solar panels help homeowners save money in the long term, and they depend less on grid power. If energy exceeding the requirement is generated, it is sent to the grid, and the electricity providers pay the homeowners for the energy. Solar panels have become affordable, and they are a good investment for any house.

The cost involved in installing solar panels is high. While evaluating the installation cost, homeowners should consider the buyback period and money saved in paying electricity bills. Maximum solar energy is generated on hot and sunny days. There is less energy produced at night and on cold weather days.

People use solar panels in Australia to save on their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint. They are suitable for homes that receive ample sunshine throughout the year. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and it is accessible to homeowners throughout the year.

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