How to Optimize Your Website for Better Traffic and Conversions

Is your website struggling to see conversions and site visits? There are several reasons why you may be losing visitors and not seeing the business you expect. Here are a few of those reasons and how you can optimize your site for more conversions.

Diversify Your Content and Promotional Material

If you run a business site that primarily sells products, you might consider adding a blog section to create more site content. Diversify your content by including press releases, blog posts, videos, customer testimonials, case studies, or product reviews. Always tag and optimize your content for SEO so your audience can find your site with ease. Using social media, try to post at least every other day to increase your content and site engagement. Create unique campaigns through social media or email when running a new promotion, always include a link to direct them to your product or home page. The more active you are with new content, and the more you engage with your following and other experts in the field, the more site visits and conversions you will see.

Check Your Search Relevancy

If your site is experiencing a high bounce rate, your web pages may inadvertently rank for irrelevant searches in Google. Search engine optimization is essential for reaching your target audience. By optimizing your website for relevant keywords, you can show Google that you are an authority in your industry and deserve to be ranked higher for those searches. You can optimize your site by updating old content and creating new content to target competitive keywords. Use a tool such as Ubersuggest to track your site metrics and see which keywords your competitors use. If you have a webpage or piece of content that isn’t ranking for any keywords, that’s an opportunity to optimize your site further. A website that’s fully optimized for SEO is easily discoverable by your target audience and can grow to become an authority site in your industry.

Upgrade Your Hosting Services

Websites that store lots of user or company data can experience depreciation in performance as they continue to grow. If your site struggles to load during periods of high traffic, you may consider VMware cloud hosting to support your growing site without sacrificing speed and security. Companies like Liquid Web offer hosting solutions that “combine the benefits of a traditional public cloud with simple, predictable pricing and a streamlined management experience.” You won’t have to worry about your site crashing or loading slowly when your audience is trying to reach you. Data security and reliable hosting services are integral to improving your conversion rate and running a successful website.

Optimize your Landing Pages

A significant factor that could be affecting your bounce is the look of your landing pages. Landing pages are key web pages in your site that your readers typically see first when they arrive on your site. Homepages and product pages generally are the most important landing pages on your site. The most effective landing pages have clear and concise messaging and a prominent call to action that directs the user deeper into the website. A call to action can be a “Learn More” or “Sign Up” button that gets the user’s attention and helps catalyze conversions. If you’re having a promotion, be sure this is clear from your landing page to avoid losing users looking for more information. Include images or videos to really grab your users’ attention, but make sure all media loads quickly and doesn’t take away from your call to action.

These are just some of the key ways to improve your site for increased traffic and conversions. Bring in more visitors with unique content and direct them through your site by optimizing your internal web pages for conversions. If done correctly, you should see an increase in conversions over time.

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