What Was Kakashi’s Thinking When He Killed Rin?

Kakashi’s motivations for killing Rin were unclear. His friend Obito had been in love with Rin and had been unable to return the favor. Seeing this, Kakashi sent his ninja Mist to attack Rin and subjugate him. He wanted to have the chance to annihilate Rin and Obito had agreed to let him die. However, Obito didn’t want to lose his friend and decided to kill Rin in order to gain his approval.

However, Kakashi was not able to defeat his enemy and had to resort to genjutsu. Rin had the chance to reveal the truth to him before his death. In addition, he could have killed his opponent with a lightning blade, but he was unable to do so. This could be the reason why Rin sprang in front of him and killed himself. As a result, the Hidden Mist infused Rin with the 3 Tailed Beast, which would have gone on a rampage if Rin had returned to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Rin In Public

Kakashi was able to kill Rin even though he knew that she loved him. It was because of his love for his community that Rin decided to sacrifice her life. While they were training, Rin developed a bond with Kakashi and threw surprise parties for him whenever he got promoted. He has never acknowledged his feelings for Rin in public. So, what was Kakashi thinking when he killed Rin?

Mist Shinobi Kidnapped

The Mist Shinobi kidnapped Rin and made him Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi. Kakashi and Obito acted to protect the village, and they were caught in the middle of a mission. When they returned to Leaf, the Mist village unleashed their Sanbi upon them. Because Rin was in the middle of the attack, Kakashi’s actions forced Rin to step in his path, causing him to die. Then, after the incident, Obito used his arrows to hit Rin.

Tree-Tail Jinchuuriki

The story is known for its tragic outcome. The fate of Rin is still unclear. She was originally supposed to die at the hands of her enemies. However, she consciously made a calculated decision to take her own life. In addition, Kakashi was supposed to save Rin, but it was later discovered that she was not a Jinchuuriki. The Hidden Mist poisoned Rin from the inside, turning her into a three-tail Jinchuuriki.

Why did he kill her?

In order to protect her village, Rin had chosen death over the safety of her village. She was caught in Kakashi’s Chidori, and the two ninjas’ Chidori sealed her fate. The ninja’s Chidori, however, was aimed at Kiri-nin, but she intercepted it, thus sealing her fate. In the end, it was the only way to save the village, and save Leaf.

Because Rin was not aware of the Hidden Mist, Kakashi was unable to kill her. Despite this, he had no choice but to go back to the village, where his heart had been broken by her death. He had little time to think before he took action, and had to choose between her and the hidden mist. This is why he killed Rin. The question is: Why did he kill her?

Kakashi’s Death

In the manga, Kakashi’s death was an accident. Despite having killed a ninja, he did not mean to do so. He was simply protecting Rin. When he did, he was only protecting his friend. This is the reason why he killed Rin. In reality, Kakashi never intended to kill Rin. He just wanted to protect Leaf. It is unclear why he killed her.

While Kakashi could have killed his comrade, he did not kill Rin. It is unclear why he did this, as Rin was only trying to protect him from the Iwagakure Shinobi. As the author of the manga, Kakashi’s motives for killing Rin are not known for certain. They were merely a matter of protecting the Chidori. The Iwagakure’s intentions for the killing of Rin were more selfish than the character’s.

About Rin’s Murder

While there are several theories about Rin’s murder, many believe that she was a spy who hid from the three-tailed ninjas. This theory also explains the fact that Kakashi didn’t kill Rin. He used her as a Jinchuriki bomb instead. This may explain why the anime snuck in the secret messages between the characters. The plotting was more complicated than the manga itself.

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