Types of Evergreen Shrubs

There are different types of evergreen shrubs, and it is vital to know the basic types of each shrub in order to choose the right type for your garden. The main criteria however, being the type of leaves observed on the plant. The various other types of evergreen shrubs could also be grouped into three categories according to their leaf shape. Some common types of evergreen shrubs are classified according to their shrub’s color of leaves.

Some common types of evergreen shrubs are the needle bushes or lantana. These shrubs grow very tall and have large, upright flowers. They usually bloom during May to August. The flowers are long-lasting and can be used as a decoration around the house.

The second most popular among these varieties is the red-shrub. These plants are medium-sized and thrive best when planted in dense, rich soil. They can be found in different types of woods and they have white blooms. The red-shrub is extremely popular all over the world and is used for landscaping all over the country. The other types of this evergreen shrub varieties are the blue-shrub, red-shrub, black-eyed Susan, black-eyed kangaroo, white-crowned sorrel and the scented shrub.

The third type of this plant family is the needle leaf evergreen shrub. These plants are perfect for those who love flowers but do not want the large leaves that come with the flowers. Needle-leaf varieties of this plant include the sun-loving sunflowered, hardy sun loving shrub, desert evergreen and prickly needle leaf varieties. The flowers of this plant are very pretty with pink and red blossoms being predominant. Several hybrids of this plant exist and are available for sale.

The four basic species of this plant family that are grown for their flowers are the African Evergreen, Dogbane Evergreen, Dogwood and the Southern evergreen. These plant varieties are known for their evergreen shrub flowers. The African Evergreen has a grayish purple flower set in a purple ground. The Dogbane has dark green foliage and the Dogwood is known for its flowers of red, orange and lemon. The Southern Evergreen is used in home decorations and is also known as Carolina Bluegrass.

The fifth type of this plant family is the non-flowering evergreen shrub. These types of shrubs are commonly used for landscape ornaments. The majority of these plants have long grayish green needles and are rarely ever blooming. Some of them do produce small pink flowers however. The leaves of this class of plants are long and thin and do not appear to be related to any other type of leafy evergreen shrub.

There are several hybrids available in this plant family and they are commonly used as ornamental plants. They can be found in horticulture, landscapers and garden centers. Some of these plants are grown for their beauty and some are grown simply for their color.

The type of evergreen shrub you decide to grow depends largely on your personal preference. Some people prefer the evergreen trees, while others prefer the more ornamental shrubs. This is a personal choice and no matter which type of plant you choose you will find that they are very beautiful and add a lot of greenery to your yard. Pruning these plants is often required but some forms can live with minimal pruning.

The flowering evergreen landscaping shrubs come in several different types and are popular for their fragrance as well as for their colorful flowers. Some of these plants bloom for several years making them perfect for a long time garden. Others are only a few years old and still have a long life span. When you are choosing this type of flowering shrub for your garden, you need to check several factors. You will want to find out if you can have the plants grow without much Pruning or if you can have them grow over many different types of bush growing plants.

There are several forms of this plant and they include the evergreen shrubs that grow in the ground, those that are in a pod and those that grow in the ground but need to have some shade. You can find all three forms at your local nursery. The Azalea is one of the most popular varieties. It is a variety of the Morning Glory, with shorter blooms than its relative the Morning Glory. This is a great choice for a sunny spot because the Azalea needs minimal shade to survive.

Compact shrubs are perfect for small gardens. These plants will take up very little space, but they are quite stunning looking. These shrubs are most commonly used for borders, along paths or near planting beds. Because it takes up very little room when it is in its compact form it is easy to maintain. You can prune these plants often to keep the leaves from becoming too short.

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