Ohio Museums -Mercer Museum of Science and History?

The Mercer Museum is a historic museum based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States; its current name is a reference to the founder of the museum, Dr. Henry W. Mercer. The museum was founded in 1873 by Dr. Mercer. In addition to the Museum Shop, the Museum has a Natural History Gallery, the Robert E. Brown Graduate School of Psychology, the John Edward House Museum, and The John James Clark House. The Mercer Museum is open to the public.

Visitors will be impressed with the Museum Shop, which offers a wide variety of clothing made by top fashion designers, handcrafted shoes and jewelry from around the world. The Mercer Costume Center features costumes from all over the world. The Natural History Gallery and the Botanical Building are filled with wonderful and rare specimens, such as American Cranes, Quail, Various Birds and amphibians. The Boboli House is a two-story residence built in 1834 for Queen Elizabeth I. The Botanical Building houses thousands of botanical, flowers, plants, butterflies, tropical bird houses, amphibians and reptiles. The Museum Store houses costume accessories, such as hats, handbags, shoes, scarves, costumes, jewelry and more. The Museum also features the Mercer Gallery, which displays art works of various artists.

As you journey through the Museum you will be greeted by an angelic Tours Company, which will take you on a walking tour around the grounds. The walking tour covers key sites, including the Science and Environmental History Museum, the Ancient History Museum, the Medieval College and the John James Clark House, among others. After touring the grounds one will find many locations of interest, including Botanic Garden, Davidson County Zoo, Mercer Art Center, Amish Country Club, and the Northeast Ohio Museum. In addition, the Northeast Ohio Museum of Art offers visitors the chance to view the works of contemporary artists, while the Science and Environmental History Museum presents examples of scientific equipment and historical artifacts.

– The Mercer Art Institute is a complete learning experience for both adults and children. Here they will delight in hands-on activities, master painting classes, computer lessons, music classes and drama. This comprehensive educational facility aims to bring individuals together to foster creativity and knowledge through comprehensive courses in the arts. They offer enrichment programs for children and families as well.

– The Children’s Museum of Ohio is committed to developing lifelong artistic strengths and values in children. The museum offers a variety of exhibits and activities that inspire imagination and foster creativity. It houses an extremely large collection of objects related to nature and art, including figurines, rocks, jewelry, puppets, model airplanes and much more. The main exhibits include “The Art of the Stones” and “Upper Palaces: Paintings and Arte”. These can be explored by small and large children. The children will love to visit the sandstone trails that surround the museum and will find many other exciting attractions.

– The Ohio Museum of Art has collections of paintings, sculptures and other works from various artists all over the world. Each exhibits their own style and techniques. This museum has a permanent gallery devoted entirely to the Impressionists. Here you will discover the latest masterpieces by such artists as Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh. You will also enjoy fine paintings, musical theater and other cultural experiences.

– The Mercer Art Institute offers a Music Theater that runs all week, during which time you will delight in the performances of chamber music, soloists and choral selections. All ages are welcome here and the program is designed so that even the youngest participants may enjoy themselves. The Children’s Theatre Company of the Mercer Museum of Art runs a similar theater program during the summer. The concerts are both fun and educational for both young and old.

– The Ohio Department of Tourism invites you to explore the “Land of the Ohio.” A guided day trip will take you on a two-day journey through this beautiful landscape. You can see natural caves, historic caves, a massive hot spring and more. Bring your camera and snap some photos to share with your friends and family back home. This trip also includes a boat trip around the Rockledge River and a picnic lunch at one of the several picnic locations around the area.

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