What is an Aruba certification certificate?

Aruba obtains an Internet Security Certification Certificate for Network Access

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has announced that Aruba ClearPass has obtained the Certificate of General Access to Network Access (NAC) Solution General Access Certificate, with both Device Network Device Partnership Protection and the Extended Server2 Authentication Package. . The company said this is the first certification of its kind and that ClearPass is the first solution for the NAC cybersecurity industry to obtain a certificate as a certification server.

With this high standard of certification, administered by National Information Partnership Award (NIAP) awarded ISO / IEC standards institutes, Aruba ClearPass has been approved by an independent testing laboratory to ensure compliance with government safety and security standards. ClearPass is designed to empower IT departments with the ability to identify, verify, and allow users, systems and devices to access IT information and network. ClearPass will enable government agencies and private organizations to rely on the assurance of general requirements to provide a basic, independent and verifiable foundation for international security.

After completing testing that focused on a number of security issues that could mitigate a number of well-defined threats, they were awarded the Common Core Data Protection Network certificate. The tests are similar to real-world situations covering all aspects of access control including confidentiality, physical security, certification verification and processing, along with TLS / SSL operation. NDcPP represents the security basis of any device or system connected to the network.

Aruba certification is awarded by the NIAP, a US government initiative that oversees a national program to evaluate commercial off-the-shelf (IT) information technology (COTS) products for compliance with standards. safety test of Internationally Recognized Standard Criteria. Testing was conducted by Gossamer Security Solutions, one of the world’s leading security testing laboratories.

“Standard Criteria Certification provides an organization with the highest level of security certification that will extend Aruba network access control to new standards,” said Jon Green, CTO for Security, Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “It has never been more difficult to set up mobile, cloud and IoT initiatives. The certificate demonstrates Aruba’s commitment to providing the industry’s most secure solutions for multi-vendor, wireless, and Wi-Fi network infrastructure, even if it’s not an Aruba network.”

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Introduction This book will help you study for the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HPE6A41) test to obtain the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) certification. If you already have an HPE ATP certificate, you may be able to perform the delta test, HPE2-Z40. The ACSA certificate Demonstrates your communication skills and knowledge to design, implement and manage a modern Aruba wireless network and wireless solutions for small and medium businesses.

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