What Are Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders?

There are MANY squirrel proof bird feeders out there that claim to be squirrel proof as well. It is a very effective advertising term since most businesses know it; however, finding a squirrel proof bird feeder that actually works is sort of tough. Just like saying any product or service is ‘Squirrel Proof’ it s pretty much just an advertising term with no substance. So what makes a squirrel proof bird feeders really work?

Most of these feeders have weight activated feeder ports and/or baffles. This is where a squirrel would not be able to fit their heads through the feeding ports and the feeder would still hang on to them. The feeders that do not have baffles are typically made of plastic and/or aluminum. This is because the plastic and/or aluminum weigh less than metal and weigh less than plastic; therefore, it defeats the purpose of having a feeder in the first place, which was to keep squirrels away from your feeders.

Perches are another common feature on squirrel proof bird feeders. While they make the birds feel safer, they do nothing to keep the squirrels away. So, if you buy one of these make sure you buy a feeder with a hanging tray. These trays have small perches on the bottom which are deep enough for a squirrel’s feet to fit through but are wide enough that a squirrel can move their head through easily. If the tray has open perches, squirrels can simply walk right over the open perches and get to your food. Place the feeder facing away from the walls and close the doors so little birds cannot get into them.

Squirrel Proof bird feeders also need to have refill features. Squirrels will pour fruit, seeds or other types of liquid into the feeder and drown it out. You need to make sure there is always an exit pipe or hole for the refill. This way the squirrels can not refill it and drown it out. Place a very small sign above the exit so that birds will know to go out the next time.

If the bird feeders you use are going to be outside, you need to keep squirrels away from them. You can place deterrents around your yard to keep squirrels away. Things like bird baths attract squirrels, so placing bird bath tubes on the outside of your property is a good idea. You can even try squirrel repellent in various places around your yard.

A great feature on many squirrel proof bird feeders is a perch cover. Perches are excellent squirrel feeders because they simulate a natural habitat for wild birds. Perches allow squirrels to perch and feed by holding up to ten pieces of food at once, while eating from it. This keeps squirrels away from your seeds and seed mixes because they cannot reach them.

Lowes Bird Feeders

If you’re trying to get rid of pests in your yard or garden, consider using lowes bird feeders to solve the problem. When you want squirrels for food, most often a squirrel feeder is an excellent choice since they tend to have plenty of squirrels to provide the food. If you keep squirrel pets, you might also want to feed them at the same time as you use your lowes bird feeders to deter pests. Feeding the animals at the same time keeps noise pollution from being a problem. The following paragraphs will give you more information on why and how does bird feeders are a great solution to deter squirrels and other pests from inhabiting your garden or lawn.

Walmart Bird Feeders

With all the talk of eco-friendly living, and all the people who are beginning to do their part by going green, Walmart is one place that is really going green with their bird feeders. They offer several styles, sizes, and types of bird feeders. One thing that they have a lot of is real wood in their bird feeders. If you go to any Walmart, you can find a good variety of bird seed, along with some other bird feeders, like Martin bird seed, and even fruit and vegetable seed. It looks like they have every type of bird feeder you could think of, from squirrel proof to open access bird feeders, you name it, they have it.

Droll Yankee Bird Feeders

It is really a good thing to know about Droll Yankee bird feeder because it allows one to enjoy watching different species of birds in their natural habitat. When you own this type of feeder, you will not have any problem attracting many species of birds since you are providing them with a great food source as well as protection from predators. In case if you wish to provide shelter for a particular species, you can use different types of materials in building the structure. You must also check whether there are any insects present around your area and make sure that there are no poisonous snakes.

Home Depot Bird Feeders

Home Depot is a large home improvement superstore that sells everything you might need for your new home. They sell many different bird feeder options and often will have seasonal specials where they offer discounts on bird feeders or other things for their shoppers. I like to buy the ones I find at home depot because I know that they are going to be good quality and that the size will not be an issue as they have been the largest seller in my area for a while now.

Bird Feeders Amazon

Bird watchers and birding enthusiasts who are ready to invest in a bird feeder should check out Amazon’s vast selection of bird feeders and birdhouses. Not only are the bird feeders and bird houses provided at an excellent price, but the customer service provided by Amazon is also top notch. When I decided to purchase an Amazon bird feeder, I was not disappointed with the purchase that I made. I highly recommend checking out Amazon’s wide selection of bird feeders and birdhouses for the next avian enthusiast or birding enthusiast that may be interested in purchasing something to enhance their outdoor garden with.

Brome Bird Feeders

The new addition to the choice of ever growing squirrel proof bird feeding supplies, the Brome Squirrel Buster Bird feeder is now hanging freely outside of the store windows. This new design has a two-piece construction, which allows the feeder to be hung from either a small vertical rod or from an adjustable horizontal rod. This makes for quick and easy set up. The two piece construction also makes it very sturdy and will survive even the most severe weather conditions. This feeder is made of durable cedar which will not warp or rot.

Unique Bird Feeders

It is summer time again, and that means it’s time for some bird watching! Bird watching in the heat of summer is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature at its best. There are many different types of birds out there all flying around looking for food, so finding the perfect feeder for your bird can be easy! Here are my favorites.

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