Choose From an Array of Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Rustic beauty is the hallmark of Western decorating, and there are few places in the home where this kind of aesthetic is more prominent than in rustic fireplace mantels. Warmth and inviting, rustic fireplaces bring to mind the byways and overhanging roofs of byways of Colorado and the western prairie, while the deep woods and rocky peaks of Wyoming and Colorado also add to the look. A fire back is a feature that add warmth, and a mantel is a great place to showcase a mantel. The word mantle (from the Latin “mantle”) refers to a wall or post. In its most common form, a mantel is simply a wooden or metal structure used to display items that are not fixed into the wall.

Natural Beauty. Nothing creates a more inviting atmosphere than a large open area with wide spaces of wood, rock, and stone, and the natural beauty found throughout much of the United States and Canada is sure to contribute to the ambiance. The handiwork of nature, in its simplest, is fodder for an impressive showstopping rustic fireplace mantels. Whether it’s a majestic fire back or a wide, low cabinet featuring ornate woodwork and stone, the sheer size and eye-catching detail of these rustic fireplaces make them a pleasure to hang around in. Even if you’re not particularly fond of rustic decorating, you’ll appreciate the inviting feeling of being surrounded by nature’s natural beauty. And the fact that it’s perfectly within your home will help you feel comfortable letting it into your life.

Authenticity. Far from the stereotype of a lodge in the woods, a rustic room incorporates elements from both the modern and the classic. Natural materials such as wood, stone, tile, and rock are used to create the rustic look and feel. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to pick just one of these elements, but rather incorporate some into your rustic fireplace mantels design. A well-chosen combination of these different styles can be all it takes to transform your living space into a true sanctuary within.

Warmth. Because they were built out of logs, rustic fireplace mantels are naturally warm. With a hand-hewn timbers accentuated by a polished stone surround, your walls come alive when the light bounces off them. Warm tones of brown complement warm colors like honey, giving you a beautiful base color to build off of. Your choice of paint is nearly unlimited, as well, so you can build a completely realistic interior that will stay comforting year after year.

Connectivity. If you’re looking for something that will connect your log cabin or other space with the outdoors, rustic fireplace mantels are perfect. Many are designed with high ceilings, which is ideal if you want a spectacular view outside, or if you want to feel like you’re actually outside. Since they’re built with logs, however, the ceiling adds another element of intimacy, creating a feeling of being closer to nature than you might be in a traditional decor.

Flexibility. As mentioned above, many rustic fireplace mantels are hand-made, which means they are one-of-a-kind. When choosing a mantel to complement your home, keep in mind not only its look but also the way it fits into the overall style. Many people choose a specific style and add touches that bring the rooms together; however, rustic mantels can be modified to fit with other interior styles. Rustic fireplaces mantels are a truly unique addition to any log cabin, ranch house, or vacation home.

Modern Fireplace Mantels

Modern and traditional fireplace mantels do not seem to really look all that different from each other at first glance. They will both usually have simple and straight lines which will not detract from the appearance of the mantle itself. One way in which traditional mantels may differ from modern ones though is that they are often a bit more ornate. In some cases you will find that the mantels in old homes were hand crafted and quite beautiful. As such the mantels can create a lovely focal point for any room in which they were used. If you would like to create a similar focal point in your home then you could use the same mantels as in your antique mantel, however you will probably find that the prices are a lot higher due to the rarity of these items.

One of the first styles of modern fireplace mantels that you may well be familiar with are those which are made from marble. Marble mantels are usually very plain in design, but there are a variety of different styles in which marble can be carved into. Some examples of these styles would be the Greek temples, which are made entirely out of marble. Another example is the elaborate carvings which can be found in the palaces of ancient Rome. These are again made from marble, and they will often incorporate very intricate patterns into their designs. Other popular types of marble mantels which you may be familiar with include the natural ones, which are created from marble and are generally made to look like brick or stone.

If you are looking for a fireplace mantel which is more in line with contemporary designs then you may want to opt for the many modern fireplace mantels that are available. These mantels are available in many different styles and they can also be made from a range of different materials including stainless steel and iron. The styles that are available are almost limitless, and there are some styles in which you will certainly be able to find one which suits your needs. If you are a fan of modern interior designs then it is important that you take a look at what modern fireplace mantels have to offer.

Antique Fireplace Mantels

With antique fireplace mantels, turn your drab old fireplace into the focal point of your living area. Hand carved antique fireplace mantels featuring scalloped trim and richly colored carvings can be used to complement a wide range of traditional fireplace styles and sizes for an optimal match. From traditional square or rectangular-shaped mantels to round vase style mantels, round wood mantels are the perfect touch for adding charm to outdated fireplaces. With a mantel taking the place of that long unattractive fireplace, you can transform your sitting room into a warm and inviting space in a matter of minutes.

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