Detox by DeClue: A Deep Dive into Holistic Wellness at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel

London is known for its iconic landmarks, vibrant arts scene, and now, a transformative wellness experience poised to redefine the meaning of holistic health. This month, the city’s buzzing Soho district will host an exclusive wellness event that is drawing attention from health enthusiasts and beginners alike: Detox by DeClue’s day-long wellness retreat at the luxurious Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel.

Ginger DeClue, the visionary and driving force behind  Detox by DeClue, has a reputation that precedes her. Celebrated for her transformative approach to holistic health and empowerment, Ginger is ensuring that this London rendezvous is no ordinary one. Having honed her skills and knowledge at the famed Star Body Retreat in Italy, her debut in London promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Central to Detox by DeClue’s philosophy is the ancient art of Iridology, which Ginger champions with unmatched expertise. For the uninitiated, Iridology offers intriguing insights into one’s health by examining unique iris patterns. Ginger simplifies the complex concept stating, “Each part of the body corresponds with a specific region of the eye.” The art, while not diagnostic, provides a remarkable window into potential health stressors. More intriguingly, it can even hint at rejuvenation markers during a detox process.

Participants at this event are in for a meticulously crafted experience that covers every facet of holistic well-being:

– **Iridology Detox & Inspirational Workshops:** Engage in in-depth sessions that offer both foundational knowledge and hands-on practicals about Iridology, ensuring attendees leave with a holistic understanding of this profound science.

– **A Wholesome Vegan Lunch:** Every element of wellness is catered for, including a sumptuous vegan spread that promises to be both a treat for the palate and nourishment for the soul.

– **Detox Deep Dive:** An illuminating exploration into the art and science of detoxification, coupled with strategies to achieve peak health.

– **Interactive Q&A with Ginger DeClue:** A golden opportunity to connect directly with Ginger, seeking clarifications, sharing personal experiences, and imbibing from her vast reservoir of knowledge.

– **Professional Eye Reading Experience:** An intimate, tailored Iridology reading for each participant, offering insights that are as personal as they are profound.

Set in the plush environs of Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel, this event guarantees more than just new learnings. The hotel, a brainchild of Mark and Sherene Fuller, embodies London’s vibrant spirit. It’s an emblem of luxury, culture, and energy – making it the perfect canvas for an event designed to awaken, enlighten, and rejuvenate.

Though priced at $249.00, the event is undeniably invaluable. With a capped number of seats to preserve the quality of experience, it truly is as boutique as wellness events come.

Detox by DeClue has long been an advocate for holistic health, nudging individuals towards self-awareness and optimal well-being. This event, with its promise of comprehensive learning, nourishment, and self-discovery, stands as a testament to Ginger’s commitment to transformative health experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned health devotee or just embarking on your wellness journey, there’s something at this retreat for everyone. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity, immerse in holistic learning, and perhaps, emerge transformed.

For reservations and further details, visit [Detox by DeClue’s Official Page](

Don’t just live; thrive. Detox by DeClue invites you to step into a universe of unprecedented wellness. Book now.

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