Perm Your Way to Great Style: Men’s Perm Hairstyles to Suit Any Look

A perm can shake up your look and keep you from reaching for your curling iron daily. However, a perm commitment requires a salon appointment and unique hair products.

Short & Shaggy

Men with short hair can shake up their looks with a perm. If your hair is short and curly, you can combine this with drop fades for a modern style that shows off your hair color and gives the appearance of fullness.

Try a wavy perm to accentuate your luscious looks if you have medium-length hair. This textured look will stand out, especially when you add gel to your hair. Perm hairstyles for men Chesapeake VA is great for young guys who want to show off their bouncy curls. Rock a curly pompadour with a low or high fade for a bold, relaxed style. This haircut makes a strong statement about your personality. Pair it with a clean, shaved face and dark shades for a stylish finish.

Tight Curls

A tight perm creates voluminous curls that are bold and edgy. This hairstyle is incredibly versatile and works well for short and long hair. To achieve a polished appearance, it is crucial to complement it with a fade or taper. If you prefer longer hair, a wavy perm is an excellent option. Not only will it provide your hair with extra volume, but it will also pair beautifully with either a low or high fade.

This men’s perm haircut looks fantastic with a slicked-back, well-kept beard. If you want a classic style that will turn heads, go with the curly pompadour. This style also pairs well with a fade or taper for an edgy, still polished, and put-together type. It’s best suited for fearless men standing out from the crowd.

Long & Modern

If you have long hair, try a tight perm to give your hair a fresh, modern look. Combine it with a low or drop fade to contrast straight hair and curly locks. Keep your sides shaved or tapered to emphasize the curls in the front. A solid pomade is also necessary to keep your strands in place and looking neat.

This men’s hairstyle is great for guys with bangs or a chili bowl cut and will help bring your style together in one bold move. You can also opt for a close-trimmed perm with a fringe to highlight your eyes. Just remember to keep your strands well-maintained with regular shampoos and deep conditioners. Otherwise, your curls can become frizzy or tangled.

Tight Waves

A perm that makes your hair look natural and wavy is an excellent choice for men who want a textured style. Men with shaved or tapered sides and the back of their heads commonly prefer this hairstyle, which creates a striking contrast with the hair on top.

For a modern hairstyle that highlights your perm’s texture, ask your stylist for a tight man perm. Your stylist will wrap small rods around your strands to give them a fast and voluminous curl, and you’ll be left with a natural-looking style that suits almost any facial shape.

For those with long hair, this hairstyle is a must-try. Not only is it effortless to maintain, but it will also enhance your hair color. Pair it with a hard part and fade to achieve a fashionable and modern look. Trust us, and you won’t regret it.


Men with a lot of hair can show off their thick locks with this perm style. It’s not as bouncy and voluminous as a loose perm, but it looks great with a medium fade and pointed sideburns. This perm look goes great with a slicked-back leather jacket. Consider using a tight perm instead to give your hair a more natural look. This kinky style will add some much-needed texture to your tresses while looking like you didn’t even have a perm done.

Short-haired guys should take advantage of a perm’s benefits. You can add curls to your strands by getting a high taper with a straight top. This is a classic look that always goes in style.

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