How To Avoid Getting Sick at a Thanksgiving Gathering

While getting together with loved ones that you don’t often get to see is a blessing, getting sick from the myriad germs that also congregate at such events is the other side of the coin. Get-togethers come with hugs and handshakes, sharing space and often food. Keeping clear of germs and bacteria is hard. What’s hard enough for the grown-ups is doubly hard for children, who are prone to putting their fingers in their mouths and in other places, including sandwich platters and cookie plates. 

Wash Your Hands Frequently

While elderberry syrup for toddlers may indeed keep them from getting sick while the others at daycare are going down with colds and the flu, there’s no substitute for a habit of habitual handwashing. Studies have shown again and again that washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are another good way to keep them free from germs, as long as they’re over sixty percent alcohol. 

Handwashing removes dirt, germs and bacteria to stop them from spreading to other people and objects. Just as it kills those harmful elements that are present but cannot be seen, it also decreases the odds that you’ll spread those germs to others. Handwashing is easy and can be done in any gathering scenario. When combined with other elements of sickness avoidance, you greatly reduce your odds of carrying germs home with you.

Don’t Share Food & Drinks

Multivitamin drops for toddlers offer vitamins carefully extracted from organic fruits and botanicals and those vitamins will fight as best they can when threatened by germs. However, sharing food or drink is considered high-risk contact and should be avoided, even for those boasting the fittest immune systems. Harmful elements that are picked up and travel through the saliva, into the nose and throat, are reportedly the fasted way to spread the germs that cause colds and the flu virus.

Besides putting your fingers into the same platters, sharing silverware should also be avoided. Be wary of any open bag of chips or floating silverware. Sharing lip balms is another potential germ spreader that should be avoided, as well.  

Keep Up With Your Vaccines

The CDC preaches that keeping up with your Covid booster and flu vaccine is the best way to manage the potential cold and flu germs that make their way into your body. Getting them doesn’t mean that you won’t pick up those germs that lead to sickness; it virtually gaurantees that the severity will be greatly mitigated to avoid prolonged illness or anything that might send you to the hospital.

Before you head out to those family gatherings, you may well consider what is the best immune booster. The more that you can do to prepare your body for the visit, the more likely it is to fight off whatever germs are waiting for you there. Boosting your kids’ immunities are a good way to ensure that their immune systems are as strong as possible. Visit a health and wellness shop today to learn more about OTC supplements that can keep your family safe during the holidays.

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