How to remodel your home to reflect your personality?

You need to upgrade the look of your home regularly so that it can add personality to your space. If the décor of your home looks outdated, then you can make big changes to upgrade the look of your space. You can also go with a few small makeover ideas such as adding new furniture, upgrading the cabinets, changing the hardware and fixtures, or upgrading the upholstery.

If you are searching for the best solution for your home remodeling in San Diego, then you can contact Done Right Remodeling & Design in San Diego. Now, let us understand how you can add personality to your home by following these amazing ideas.  

Upgrade the look of your living room

A living room should have more sitting areas so that you can welcome all your friends at a time. You can go with an L-shaped sofa that will take up comparatively small space in your living room and provide maximum sitting area. Lamps can be a great idea to accentuate the look of your living space. You can also add an accent wall with modern laminates or textured paints to showcase the creative side of your personality. Moreover, add abstract paintings to give a modern touch to your accent wall.

A kitchen with ample storage

You need to generate more storage by adding functional cabinets can be a great addition to your kitchen. Open shelves and hooks can be added so that you can store your daily kitchen essentials. The three major workspaces of your kitchen such as the sink, the range hood, and the refrigerator should be at a triangular distance. You should maintain the ideal distance that is 4 feet-9 feet between these three major workspaces of your kitchen.

Remodel your bathroom

An ideal bathroom should have a clean toilet, good ventilation, a functional closet, and ample airflow and sunlight so that it remains fresh and clean all day. If you think your bathroom does not look organized, you can add storage cabinets and a closet to store your daily bathroom essentials. Replace sink, toilet, and bathtub with new ones that lose aesthetics over time.

You can also brighten up your bath space by adding lights and mirrors to space. Light shade paints on the walls can elevate your mood too. Adding plants, aroma diffusers, and humidifiers to the space can help control the excess moisture from the surrounding air. This will also prevent germs and bacteria in your kitchen area.

Add peppy colors to your home

Focus on the color shades that you want to add to your home. Choose colors that can go with the décor of your home. Light shades give a subtle and minimalistic look to the space; however, adding bright colors to the accent walls can provide that vibrancy to your space. Colors can be wisely chosen so that it makes your space look brighter and bigger.

Placement of home accessories:

You can accessorize your home with furniture, candle holders, standing lamps, decorative mirrors, rugs, and cushions. However, if they are not placed properly then they can give a clumsy look to your space. The paintings you choose should complement the color of your wall.

The lights you choose should go well with the theme of your space. You can add plants but do not make the space look crowded with so many plants. You can choose decorative planters that will add a great look to your space. Do not forget your closets, wardrobe, and cabinets. They should be color-coordinated, functional, and have ample storage inside.


You can make your home vibrant by adding colors and artistic home accessories. If you cannot make out how to make simple changes to your home to add personality to your space, you can contact our professional remodelers who will make you understand the color theory and placement of the home accessories. They will also help you remodel your dream home without damaging your valuables.

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